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So the 64th Emmy Awards were Sunday night, and all I have to say is that they were fabulously funny. Jimmy Kimmel was the perfect host, and the fact that he live tweeted it made it even better. One of my favorite tweets of his from the night “@jimmykimmel Ryan Seacrest is super fat in person. #emmys” So basically Jimmy killed it as the host. Here are some of my other favorite moments of the night:

Jimmy Kimmel is known for playing pranks with his viewers (remember when he told his viewers to tell their kids they ate all of their Halloween candy…if not check it out its priceless) so obviously he couldn’t miss an opportunity with the Emmys. To get more people to watch the show he asked for a volunteer from the audience and Tracy Morgan got right up there, once he had his volunteer Jimmy told the audience and everyone at home to tweet or make their Facebook status, “oh my God Tracy Morgan just passed out onstage at the Emmys turn ABC on NOW!” He then made Tracy lay onstage…after he put his numb-chucks away. I sincerely hope that more viewers tuned in because that was a very clever idea.

With every single award show there is always an in memory video montage of celebrities, producers, writers, etc. who have passed away in the past year. Jimmy put his own twist on it by making a video montage of himself, with Josh Grobin singing One Direction's, What Makes You Beautiful, in the background. Seriously one of the funniest moments of the show.


Aziz Ansari presenting an award was something I was really excited for. So this part of my post may be a little biased because I think Aziz Ansari is a genius, and that everything he does is hysterical. Anyways he was talking in a British accent because he believes that using a British accent is just better and you have more creditability, really guys Aziz Ansari is a genius. 

So collegietes what did you think of the Emmy’s last night? 

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