Overworked! A Case of the Stetson Blues

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A case of the Stetson Blues
Now that Fall Break is over, we are full-speed ahead toward finals season. Oh gosh…doesn’t it feel like we never get a break? From the adjustment back into school life, to midterm exams, to the awful limbo between midterms and finals there never seems to be a break in the life of a college kid.
Doesn’t it seem that around this time of year EVERYTHING seems to get on your nerves? And I mean EVERYTHING! From the sprinklers that water everything but the grass to that skateboarder that you had to tuck-and-roll away from just to save your life… it seems that there is a dark-grey cloud undoubtedly following you around. Can’t a Hatter ever catch a break?
No worries! Here are some tips to break through that cloud and say ‘hello’ to Mr. Sunshine!

Tip #1:
Get off campus!
Haven’t you heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Take a mini-day-trip somewhere. Go to the beach, go shopping in Orlando, or get dinner in Lake Mary. Heck! Go for a drive and see where you end up. Put the keys in the ignition, open the sunroof and blast T. Swift’s new album. Leaving campus will make you feel like a real human being again and will realign you with the outside world. (Like it or not Stetson is a bubble and if you stay on campus long enough you forget what real life is like). Upon returning back to campus you will realize that Hatters live a sweet life, I mean look at our campus, it is gorgeous! And once again Mr. Sunshine will touch your sweet skin.

Tip #2:
Movie Night
Low key events are just what the doctor ordered! Get some take-out and pop in a Rom-Com that will make you laugh your ass off. Taking some time for yourself and forgetting about all the responsibilities that you have will be a big stress reliever. After the credits roll, go to bed. Going to bed on a relaxing, happy note will make for a better tomorrow. Trust me…tomorrow you will be so stress-free that Mr. Sunshine will shine out of your ass.

Tip #3:
Club Dorm
Ever turned your dorm room into a club? NO? OMG you haven’t lived life! Shut your door, close the blinds, put on some PJs (sexy or footy….your preference ;)) and blast your favorite music, I recommend anything from the 90s. Proceed to dance you ass off! Whip out your favorite dance moves and try out some new ones you’ve been too afraid to use in the clubs. Just dance! Dance until you pass out on your floor. Not only have you danced all the stress out of your body, but you also burned up that Turkey Capri Sandwich that you ordered from Newton’s Grill and the fries too! Now, open those blinds and check out Mr. Sunshine!

It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed! I mean we ARE college students, that what college is for---to make you almost reach insanity, but not quite. It makes us in to “well-rounded, educated” adults. But in order to reach that “adulthood” and not end up in an insane asylum, we have to act like kids again. Act silly, get weird, and be carefree. It is the only way you can shake those Stetson Blues.

College is hard. We make it easier!

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