That Awkward Moment: Did I Orgasm? Lady Jane Tells All!

That awkward moment when your lying in bed next to your partner after “a little fun”, and the only thing you can think of is the frustrating question you cant seem to make sense of: “Did I ORGASM?” LADIES: First of all, know that you’re not alone! There are many other girls in this “situation” after making whoopee (YES we are calling it whoopee), and know that Lady Jane feels your pain, and is here to help by offering a few words of wisdom (aka: LETS TALK SEX).


-FIRST AND FORMOST… and definitely the MOST important:

If you don’t know if it was an orgasm, it PROBABLY was NOT an orgasm… and if your not “orgasming”, WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT. It may be helpful to offer you the definition of an orgasm to begin: Simply put girls, an orgasm is a pleasurable and satisfying physical response in a sexual situation. The key word is satisfying. Although every orgasm feels different to different people, one way to know if you really did orgasm is that YOU WILL feel satisfied. It’s like, seeing a rainbow after an intense rainstorm; if you feel “satisfied” after the storm and can see those "OOOooo" so beautiful colors, you’ve most likely found that pot of gold! For the slow ones… the metaphor: POT OF GOLD= ORGASM


-Not Finding That Pot Of Gold? SWITCH things up:

So maybe you’re not as “lucky” and missed that pot of gold… DON’T fret my dear; try the old “switcheroo”. The switcheroo position puts you in control and gives you full power to hit the jackpot. Get ON TOP. Being on top (no pun intended), puts you on top of the world! You’re in the perfect position to not only hit that G spot, but look good doing it. MEN LOVE seeing you on top… getting a full frontal view of your smokin’ hot body will definitely set the mood. Being on top also offers you the freedom to conduct the session… now YOU have the power to adjust speed and position! Be risky: Adjust his head and hands exactly where you want them (He will like your boldness… trust me)


-Lets Talk DIRTY

All right ladies, there are WAY TOO many of you that are scared to talk during sex! SAY WHAT? Try to think in the mind of a boy… guys don’t know if they’re doing something wrong until you tell them! TAH DAH!! There’s the secret. You need to tell them what you want and they will gladly oblige. EXAMPLE TIME: My boy would ALWAYS leave the seat up after he tinkled.. ew right?! So one day, when I literally almost fell into the toilet trying to pee, I screamed at him about his nasty habit. Believe it or not ladies, he NEVER left the seat up again. He just needed me to TALK. It’s the same with sex ladies! ASK and you will receive.


That’s all for today my lovely colligette’s !!! ;) Keep an eye of for more Lady Jane articles! Don’t be shy, share your comments below! What are you begging to talk about?


   XO Lady Jane 

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