Winter Fashion: Never Out of Season

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Do you wish you could wear your favorite summer outfit year-round? Just a few simple additions to any sundress can turn your warmer weather clothes into an appropriate choice for colder days. Sophomore Lauren Kopchik pairs her favorite floral frock with a big, cozy sweater, tights and a sturdy boot (hers are vintage!) in order to downplay the not-so-seasonal pattern. Top it off with a knit hat to keep your ears from freezing! Need more warmth? "Switch out the lightweight tights for heavier, wool ones or leggings," says Lauren, "and wear a peacoat over your dress when you're outside!"

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About The Author

Lauren Kopchik is a HC SMCVT Photo Blog Editor and Contributing Writer. She is a current sophomore at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT, majoring in Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts with minors in Environmental Studies and Creative Writing.

Lauren Mazzoleni is a junior at Saint Michael's College where she majors in Digital Arts, Media Studies, and Journalism and minors in Psychology. Lauren and Alexandra Brenock are the two campus correspondents for Saint Michael's HC Branch. At Saint Michael's, she is a student blogger, a tour guide, and a disc jockey at WWPV 88.7 FM. Many of her friends would say that when she is not busy attending her classes or working on HC articles, you could find her watching many of the shows she always DVRs (Glee, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, etc), shopping on Church Street in downtown Burlington, and hanging out with her friends from Saint Michael's and from her hometown in NH.

Alex is a junior at Saint Michel's College and is pursuing a degree in business administration. Alex is from Massachusetts but loves beautiful Vermont (minus the freezing cold, snowy winters)! She loves being involved on campus - besides running the Saint Mike's Branch of Her Campus, she is a tour guide and blogger for her college and a mentor to a second-grader. Alex plans on studying-abroad in Ireland and would love to move to Boston or New York City after graduation. She is uber passionate about social media and marketing and hopes to attend business school in the future. In her free time, Alex enjoys baking, taking naps, going to the movies with friends, and telling jokes about pirates.