Thanksgiving Traditions

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Thanksgiving is a time of year where we get a break from school. We get to go home for a few days, see our family and friends, and break away from Alliot and eat delicious home cooked meals.  Although Thanksgiving is known as a time where we reconnect with our extended family and eat until we are as stuffed as a turkey, we all have our own unique traditions that separate us from the typical Thanksgiving norms.  Here are some diverse and special traditions from some awesome students of Saint Michael’s!


My mom and my neighbors make turkey seasoned with Thai spices with sticky rice with other traditional Thai dishes. - Dee Jai Cowles


My Thanksgiving is very traditional. I help cook and I sit down and eat dinner with my family.  – Julia Bertones


 The past few years, I have looked forward to Thanksgiving because I;ve gotten to spend time with my cousins. At night, we eat even more food and play board games. It sounds uneventful, but it's always fun. - Christine Peloquin


Every year, me and my family like to digest our Thanksgiving dinner by watching football. -Dom Wood  


Our Thanksgiving gathering has been extremely small consisting of my grandpa, my mom, and I. Usually, my mom criticizes her own cooking and my grandpa makes jokes. We watch ABC family because they usually play Disney movies. – Sarah Hoover


The biggest tradition for my family is the night of Thanksgiving, the boys and girls split into sides, and we play generally two or three games of Trivial Pursuit. It gets quite heated and raucous, but it’s always fun, and I look forward to it every year. – Ben Lane


At my house, we have a carved wooden turkey with a bunch of little holes drilled into it. We put lollipops into the holes and they become the tail feathers of the turkey, then it gets used as a centerpiece and all the kids just have to stare at the candy until dinner is done. I think my parents get enjoyment out of it. -Jordan DeKett


These Thanksgiving traditions allow us to spend time with our family and give us a small break away from school before the insanity of finals week begins.

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