Laura Dam '15

So here I am, sitting in Laura Dam’s room in Founders Hall (she specifically told me to plug Founders), and within 10 minutes she’s already made multiple hysterical comments. She is extremely self-motivated in everything she does, whether it be the multiple jobs she holds or her dedication to her academics. She is a great laugh, a kind spirit and an incredibly loyal friend. I’m personally thrilled that I now get to share her with the world of Her Campus.!


What is your life philosophy?

 I don’t have a life philosophy. It’s just kind of like, “You’ll survive. You’ll live. Just be yourself. Don’t worry about what anybody else thinks.” Ugh. Cliché. Cliché. Insert Taylor Swift quote here.


Cats or Dogs?

Cats, obviously. Have you SEEN my kitty? My cat’s name is Kitty-Witty, but her real name is Patches and I love her.


What is your favorite thing about St. Mike’s?

Pepperoni Lovers Calzones in Alliot! I’m pretty sure they only have them at St. Mike’s! Oh, and I also love that St. Mike’s is in Vermont! I also really like the Psychology program!


What was it like growing up on a Dairy Farm?

Fun. I don’t really like cities, so… good?


What’s your favorite kind of music?

Country. Duh. If you don’t like country (sigh) well we won’t be dating anytime soon.


What is your favorite thing in your dorm room?

My heating pad. I would say my hammock but you can live without a hammock. You can’t live without a heating pad.


Any last things you want your fans to know?

I’m really fascinated by Amish culture, so that’s why I watch Breaking Amish. It really opens me up to their way of life.


And there you have it! Laura Dam in a nutshell! Make sure you stop her to ask her for her autograph!