The Boards of Life

That awkward moment when you don’t even know how you ended up on Pinterest. While some say Pinterest is just a site that sucks time away from your life, you know what I say? They’re wrong, and on so many levels. So I would like to give you a quick guide to the benefits of Pinterest and some boards every girl should have:

1) A Travel Board – While it may seem to some that posting about faraway places is just a fantasy that will never happen, it never hurts to have a dream. Plan your ultimate trip around the world and the places you want to see and hey, that dream may someday become a reality.

2) A Bucket List Board – If you’re anything like me, whenever I see or hear about something I really want to do or think is a cool idea, I usually forget what it was within 24 hours. It’s nice having a bucket list on hand to remind you of what you want to accomplish throughout life. Also, when you see something you want to add all you have to do is “repin” and you’re all set.

3) A Food Board – No matter what, food is something we all need to survive. From desserts to salads Pinterest can lead you to some amazing recipes that you won’t want to forget. 

4) A Home Ideas/Dream Home Board – While it may not be necessarily relevant to some of our lives right now, if you come across a nifty home idea that you love, it’s nice to have a place to put it (and others) so when the time comes for your first home, you’re ready to go.

5) A DIY Board – As college students, we may not always have a ton of money on hand to go ahead and buy everything we want. DIY ideas are great for group activities with friends and/or rainy afternoons. Plus, you’ll feel a sense of pride in your creation rather than if you had just bought something. 

6) A Favorite Things Board – Sometimes if you’re having a hard day it’s nice to have a little collection of your favorite things that make you happy that you can easily access to lift your mood. Whether it’s a nostalgia-inducing pin about childhood, something that makes you laugh, or some unbelievably adorable animal, a favorite board is the little pick-me-up you may need on a tough day.

 Get creative with the names of your boards and the sky is the limit with how many boards you have. Not only is it an entertaining site, but it can also help you plan for your future. Have fun with it and happy pinning!

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