Danny "Eazy" Ebenstein

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This Week's Cutie: Danny "Eazy" Ebenstein

Hometown: Hickville, Vermont

Age: 18

Class Year: 2016

Major/Minor: Biology, Studio Art

Hobbies/Activities: Soccer Team, Photo Club, Juggling Club, and Skiing

Favorite Place on Campus: Dhall - That's where the grub is

Relationship Status: Single

Dream Girl and Date: Jennifer Anniston on the California beach with a bowl of matzo ball soup.

First Notice about a girl: Dat Ass

Biggest Turn-off: Uggs and Sweatpants… together

What movie describes your life: Titanic

What do you like to do in your free time: Sit under the waterfall in north woods and read poetry.

Life Motto: I'm like water; sooner or later you'll need me. When I am gone, you'll miss me.

When was the last time you cried: Watching Marley and Me. 

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