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Every now and then I run across an interview where the interviewee, as well as the interviewer, gain from the experience, the interview with Jamiee Banks was just that.

Jamie Banks better known as, “Smirk Time,” is a nineteen year old ambitious junior majoring in Radio & Television. Opportunity knocked on Banks' door while attending a party at the Anex where campus celebrity, DJ Teddi, was DJ’ing.

Not the type to party, Jamie decided to bring her camera along to practice her skills in the different lighting and atmosphere. Taking note of the camera, DJ Teddi asked if she would take pictures of the party, and the rest was history.

Jamiee Banks dips into a little bit of everything covering photography, videography and DJ’ing. Interested in the cameras used in her videography class, Jaimee decided to buy one of her own igniting the interest in photography. As for DJ’ing, Jamiee chatted with the DJ in the school café, found an interest and his craft, and decided to take it up under her wing.

“I’m still learning and practicing to get better and better.” Banks said. “Photography is more of a challenge. It’s harder to tell a story with a photo than with video.”

You can find Jamie recording an event, taking pictures, or even behind the DJ booth every Thursday in the café.

“For now, I'm comfortable with the party scene and would like to start DJ’ing at a few.” Jamiee said. “I would like to expand more with photography in the future: weddings, birthday, & special events.”

This motivated student looks forward to learning more about her profession as well as continuing to record and take pictures for school events to build her portfolio during her upcoming senior year.

“Research is very important especially when trying to learn a different craft.” Jamie advises students. “Networking is also an important opportunity that presents itself. Remember to ask questions and manage your extra activities effectively with your grades.”

Jamiee “Smirk Time” Banks can be reached through twitter: @smirktime.

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