Buddy Lorentz '15





Hometown:  San Francisco

School Year:  Sophomore

Major:  Psychology major, Philosophy minor

Residence Hall/Living:  San Filippo

Interests:  Meditation, film, music

Describe yourself in 3 words:  Artistic, loving, thoughtful

Zodiac Sign:  Cancer


SCU Life

What activities or clubs are you in?  SCU Acapella club - I beat box and sing.  Also, I have performed in some theater productions.

What is your favorite place on campus?  Meditation room

Favorite Class?  Physics of Star Trek, or Psychology

What is your favorite SCU memory?  Welcome week freshman year just because everything was new and exciting and just getting to know everyone was fun

What’s one thing you want to do before you graduate?  I’m planning on starting a club or two actually – maybe a spoken word club.


Fun Facts

New Year’s Resolution:  Nothing specific, just to use my time more intentionally, even if that means napping.

What is the one place you want to visit?  I’m actually trying to go to northern India next spring for study abroad.

What would you say your spirit animal is?  Snow leopard

Favorite TV show?  Community

Dream Job?  Anything that would let me engaged in all my passions and interests. Maybe travel.  Maybe a creative position somewhere.  I’ve also had a thing for teaching, so maybe that.

What is your most embarrassing SCU moment?  The first week of freshman year I was walking down Bellomy St. with a group of people and encountered a group of freshman girls.  They asked us if we were lost, so I asked them if they were lost.  It came out completely creepy but I didn’t mean it too.

Celebrity Crush:  Keira Knightly

If you could have one superpower what would it be?  Time travel would be fun.

Pet Peeves:  I don’t like it when people waste food.


Love Life

Relationship status:  Single

Ideal first date:  A movie followed by coffee or a walk in the park

Deal Breakers:  Negativity or if she is always gossiping

First thing you notice in a girl:  Smile


This or That

East Coast/West Coast:  West Coast

Pancakes/Waffles:  Pancakes

Blondes/Brunettes:  Blondes

Cats/Dogs:  Dogs

Henry’s/Taco Bell:  Henry’s – real Mexican food

Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman:  I’ve always had a crush on Natalie Portman.

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