How to Stay Warm and Look Cute During Scranton’s Harsh Winters!

            As winter approaches, staying warm without looking like a marshmallow can be tricky. We have a few pointers on how to dress cute while staying warm for a night out on the town. Starting from the top down, an accessory for your head is essential to keep warm. Try a cute cashmere hat or beret with your hair down. This allows for a casual look while keeping your ears from falling off. J Crew has a variety of hats and headbands for quality low prices. You can find hats and so much more here! 
            The next essential accessory is a scarf. We recommend a colorful pashmina or snood. They are not only warm but can complete an outfit. Either a solid color or a pattern, depending on the outfit, these scarves can keep you warm while fighting the walk downtown. Pashminas and snoods can be found almost anywhere around this season, mostly department stores, such as Nordstrom’s or Macy’s, as well as small boutiques or mall kiosk’s. Try Macy'!
            Another fashion necessity to beat the winter winds is sweaters. Whether you wear V-neck, scoop, or turtleneck, sweaters are essential in looking cute while staying warm. They are the key component to winter fashion. Sweaters with a long necklace or a scarf make up a simple and easy outfit for a night out. Try Ralph Lauren's website for fashionable winter sweaters
For coats, we recommend a pea coat. Usually a solid neutral color, like grey, tan, black or brown, a pea coat is heavy enough to keep warm while remaining stylish at the bar. Easy to check and not too bulky, a pea coat is the top layer to surviving the winter. Browse pea coats of all options at Jcrew's extended online collection.
            On your feet we recommend riding boots. They are beyond popular right now! Similar to your pea coat, you must wear neutral colors to match multiple outfits such as tans, browns, and blacks. Riding boots are cute, warm and can survive the winter conditions. Boots can handle anything, even a walk downtown in the snow! They are a key component in winter fashion. With these tips in mind you’ll be set for a night out on the town in the harsh winter weather! For inexpensive riding boots try Aldo online.
           With these tips in mind you will no longer dread going out in the harsh Scranton winter. These easy and affordable styles will save you the hassle of calling a cab and the walk downtown will be a breeze. 

Laura is a senior at the University of Scranton. She is studying English and Psychology graduating in May 2012. Laura is the youngest of three and grew up in Newtown, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. She is a member of the Scranton crew team, the faculty-student research project, the off campus advisory board, and recently spent part of her summer in Uganda, Africa. She enjoys baking anything in the kitchen that is sweet (specializing in chocolate), peppermint mocha's from Starbucks, running, the leaves changing in the fall, all of the Real Housewives on Bravo, and the Philadelphia Phillies!