Suit Up for Spring Break with These Bathing Suits!

I’m in utter disbelief that the spring semester is almost halfway through and that spring break is next week! Amid last-minute plane ticket purchases, toiletry shopping (we’re talking about needing a SUBSTANTIAL amount of tanning oil) and packing, we might end up forgetting perhaps the most important part of spring break prep: BATHING SUIT SHOPPING! Take a look below to get some inspiration for updating your swimwear wardrobe this season!

Suit 1: Gray and Floral Bikini

Okay guys, isn’t this just the most PERFECT bikini ever made? This one is bound to make heads turn on the beach – it is the perfect light gray with the most unique floral bottom and I think it’s safe to say that a peach and olive green combo looks good on everyone! Check out suits similar this one on TRIANGL and you will not be disappointed.


Suit 2: Logo Suits

A trend spotted around the end of last summer and this upcoming spring break is logo-plastered bathing suits. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria’s Secret have been loving this trend; it adds a little detail to the suit without it being super tacky like those graphic tees you were rocking way back in 2010...


Suit 3: High-Cut One Pieces

Bring back the 90’s with a high cut, classic one-piece bathing suit! This should be a staple in every beach-goer’s closet; it provides enough coverage for those days when you’re feeling a little bloated without making you feel confined and overheated. Forever 21, Target, and Aerie have been seen selling these in multiple colors, so go ahead and buy one (or a couple) to express your inner beach babe!


Spring Break is a time to relax before the stress of finals pile up, so why not spend it somewhere warm on a nice beach basking in the sun and hanging out with your friends?! Just make sure you have some rockin’ bathing suits with you first! ;)

Nina is a Biology major with a Chemistry minor on the Physician's Assistant track. She has always loved medicine just as much as fashion and blogging. Nina hopes to one day concentrate in Pediatric Oncology and help find a cure for cancer!

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