My Love/Hate Relationship with Freshman and Sophomore Year at SHU

Although freshmen and sophomores are only a year apart, here at Sacred Heart University there are some differences between the two that will make you love each year for its unique perks and disadvantages. 

1. Residential life

Freshmen must live in tiny 4x4 cubicles with communal bathrooms and annoying fire alarms that go off in the middle of the night. There are perks however of living in the center of campus, such as having short walks to class and being two minutes away from the dining halls. Eating Linda’s and 63’s all day, every day until you feel sick, is not the best benefit. Sophomores however finally get to step away from Linda’s and 63’s food because they have the luxury of having a car to drive and eat off campus.  Sophomores have bigger rooms, their own common rooms, awesome RA’s (s/o to Arthur), and personal kitchens for those huge Italian dinner nights. Freshmen are limited to making dinner in the microwave.

2. Classes

Freshmen have to deal with the most 8 am classes, along with courses that have nothing to do with one’s major because foundation core classes take up most of your freshmen schedule. Let’s not forget about the Art of Thinking class that everyone is beyond ecstatic about. Sophomores finally have classes that are later in the day, are more major-specific, and have more chill professors (like Scarpati, you understand if you are a business major). Sophomore year you have a better time for registration and can pick classes you actually know you will enjoy.

3. Arriving at campus

Coming in as a freshman means many things including not knowing where your classes are on the first few days and not having a lot of friends by your side. Freshmen year you are meeting a lot of new people and are figuring out how to balance college-level classes and a new, growing social life. Coming back as a sophomore on your first day is a big relief. Not only do you have everyone in the hallways excited to reunite with you after an entire summer, but you also know where all your classes are and what to expect from professors. 


The distinct differences between freshman year and sophomore year make them both special in their own ways. Being a freshman is a new adventure and being a sophomore is a familiar feeling where you find where you belong. Just remember to make the best of your four years at Sacred Heart University, and soak up all the opportunities college brings.

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