Sweater Weather

With cooler days ahead and Summer well behind us, it seems every year I decide I don’t have enough sweaters to wear (even though I definitely do). That being said, the yearly day has come and this morning I woke up and decided I Don’t Have Enough Sweaters. So, I do what I always do when I want to go shopping for things I probably don’t actually need: I go to Goodwill.

I wasn’t sure what type of sweater I was looking for. I am always open to a nice cardigan which isn’t hard to find at Goodwill. I also love a turtleneck, which are in abundance at Goodwill as well.

Some of my favorite sweaters (see pics below) are Goodwill finds, so I was hopeful walking in this morning.



Something I love a lot about the sweaters I’ve found at Goodwill in the past is the uniqueness of their patterns.

Today what I ended up finding was a loose fit cropped turtleneck. It’s light pink with blue undertones and is extremely similar to a sweater I found in PacSun several years ago.


I was super excited to find it. Not only does it fit well, but it can be worn with a number of outfits. It is cute with skirts particularly denim button front skirts. It also looks nice with high waist jeans and high waist trouser pants (like the green ones here). Huge find! Big mood!


The other sweater I found is a turtleneck too. It is a really warm, but what I like best about it is the ribbing. The way it was made is extremely flattering. It is thick and tight which is flattering, and the neckline is an unfinished hem which gives it a bit of an edge.


Not even to mention to color makes it easy to pair with other pieces of clothing. This is the type of sweater that looks really nice tucked into a skirt but looks fine with jeans as well.


Goodwill is an absolute gold mine for sweaters. If you’re looking for cold weather clothes, I highly recommend checking out what they have to offer.


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