10 Things College Girls Need to Stop Feeling Guilty About


1.Waking up late.

This is college, which means late nights studying, partying, Netflexing, etc. You may not have the best sleeping habits…but hey, you’re young. You might as well take advantage of all the sleep you can get before midterm/finals week!

2.Failing an exam.

It happens—whether you spend all week before the exam studying or simply forget about it entirely. It’s not the end of the world; it won’t matter ten years down the line. All you can do is pick yourself up, work hard to make up for it, and move on.

3.Trusting your instincts.

Sometimes you just know when something is off or doesn’t feel right. Maybe a party is a little too wild; perhaps the area of town isn’t the nicest to be walking through alone. When you feel uncomfortable, you shouldn’t worry what others will think; because normally, your gut-feeling is an accurate gage for danger.

4.Putting yourself first.

Let’s face it; when you get into the real world, you realize that people do not all have the same heart as you do. You can bend over backwards for a “friend” only to get backstabbed by her the next weekend. Do what you need to do to get where you want to be, and don’t allow anyone to manipulate you.

5.Being jealous.

It’s a part of life; isn’t it wonderful? You are human, and you have feelings. Anyone who truly knows you sees the kind of person you are. There’s no reason to feel ashamed of jealousy, so long as you control it and do not allow it to eat you alive. Talk about it—perhaps to a friend, boyfriend, parent, etc. And remember, people will love you for who you truly are; don’t wish to be like anyone else but yourself.

6.Getting moody.

You’re a girl. You have feelings and hormones and all that great stuff that comes along with womanhood. No, this doesn’t give you the right to treat people poorly; but there’s nothing wrong with feeling extra emotional or irritable sometimes. Give yourself proper space and perhaps talk it out with a loved one; you’ll feel better in no time.

7.Having a “sick” day.

So what you want to stay in bed all day and eat easy mac and watch Netflix? You deserve a day off here and there! Skip the gym, keep the sweats on, and relax; it is vital to have time to yourself once in a while. 

8.Ordering pizza at 2am.

Pizza Hut $10 box—try it and you will never feel guilty again.

9.Drifting away from friends.

It happens, especially if you wind up at separate schools or in different directions. As you mature, you realize that some friends mature more slowly, more quickly, or maybe not even at all. No matter the case, friendships don’t always work out, as for romantic relationships as well. If you aren’t on the same page or you aren’t benefiting each other in any way, it is okay to let go and move on. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.

10.Missing home.

Although college is “the life,” you will never forget where you came from—a house of cooked meals, baked goods, support, and love. Family is important, especially as you grow. Never take them for granted because the older you get, the older they get as well. Visit for a weekend, call or text at least a few times a week, and always remember to say “I love you.”

I am a Writing Arts major at Rowan University. Poetry is my best friend. One day, I hope to be a successful writer for a popular magazine in NYC. My dream is to travel to Paris, London, and Rome to explore and write about my experiences there.