The Best Spots on Campus for the Perfect Finals Nap

As finals approach, so does the need to study and sleep. I have done my research, aka I have slept in these spots, so trust me when I say these are comfiest places to rest your head.

In no particular order,

  1. 2nd Floor Booths in the Cathedral: They are just dark enough to give you the needed shade for a nice nap. Do have a sweatshirt handy for a pillow because the hard wood isn’t the comfiest.

  2. Any Hillman Sofa: Grab these comfy couches before others do. A table is usually near them so it’s a safe place to “study.”

  3. Carnegie Mellon Library’s Teen Section: Beanbag chairs. Enough said.

  4. Couches in WPU: After several evacuations at 3am last year, they became my second bed.

  5. Booths in Market: An outlet handy, unlimited food and wireless. All you need for a perfect study/nap place.

  6. Cathedral Lawn/Schenley Park/Frick Lawn (weather permitting): If it is sunny out, why not get a tan while napping – I mean, studying.

  7. 2nd Floor Couches in Alumni Hall: Feel fancy while studying over the Alumni Hall Ballroom. Chandeliers and shut-eye, the perfect finals nap combo.

  8. The (New) Study Lounge next to Tower A: It has a kitchenette, couches, plenty of outlets and comfy chairs. It may seem like a freshmen only place but there is no sign so take over and have yourself a nap!

  9. Your Dorm’s Lounge: Sorry to all those off campus students, maybe try and get signed in? With the couches, the television, the Wi-Fi, your room a few steps away, it’s the perfect place to take a quick catnap.

  10. Anywhere: If you are tired enough, the floor will be the perfect place to fall asleep. It’s finals week, no judgment here.

Sleep deprivation is bound to happen during Finals’ Week but with these ten spots, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Good luck on Finals everyone!





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