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Kendal Moore may be a full-fledged Sooner and an OU cheerleader now, but this Rockwall, TX native was raised a Longhorn. “I grew up being a UT fan because my dad was raised in Austin and we went to games often. I fell in love with OU when I came with a friend for a cheerleading audition.'

At least she made the right choice eventually. Kendal is a member of the Large Co-Ed squad and a junior public relations major, which seems fitting since she loves interacting with people. “I had been cheering since I was 10 and to have an opportunity to do what I love in front of 90,000 people every Saturday was exactly what I wanted,” said Kendal.

She spoke about the strenuous try-outs process, claiming it starts with two auditions with the veteran cheerleaders, waiting for an email invitation to tryouts, and then the official 3-day tryout with cuts throughout the weekend. “It was an intense process and I was lucky to make the practice team my first year with around 100 girls trying out,” said Kendal.

Remembering cheering at her first game, Kendal said, “I was so emotional during pregame I can’t even explain that feeling. It was my dream since I was little and I was living it, a moment I will never forget.”

Cheering at the Red River Rivalry was also an unforgettable highlight of Kendal’s career. She claims that the UT cheerleaders were nice girls, but that she hopes that the game will get continued play on the Longhorn Network.

Being an OU celebrity is glamorous, yet time consuming. These girls work hard and not just on game days. Kendal goes to 2.5-hour practices Monday through Friday and only gets nine days off during Christmas break since the team is preparing for national competitions. During basketball season, Kendal expects to cheer at 2 games per week, along with participating in year-long scheduled events around campus and the Norman community. She said this is what she loves to do and the time commitment is just part of the job.

When she’s not practicing, appearing or cheering, Kendal is involved with her sorority, Delta Delta Delta. Freshmen, you may also see her in class because she is a teaching assistant for two University College courses: Gateway and Strategies for Success. Outside of school, you can catch Kendal rocking the mic at O’Connell’s for Wednesday’s karaoke night.

Kendal takes her cheer skills with her wherever she goes, including Disney World. She has performed stunts there, as well as at an Eli Young Band concert. She claims that being a flyer (the one that gets lifted during stunts) takes a lot of trust in her teammates, but this comes quickly because it is not uncommon to fall during practice. “I haven’t been injured while flying but I have dislocated my knee cap and fractured my ankle while tumbling,” said Kendal.

As a true Sooner, Kendal loves OU because of how crazy everyone is about our school and athletics. There is so much pride in Norman and I feel like it is a very unique college town that makes me feel like I am at my home away from home,” said Kendal.

She was born with dislocated hips which required a harness and full-body cast for her first 6 months of life. Kendal claims, “I am really lucky to be able to cheer and do the things I am doing now, so I don’t ever take my opportunities and the natural gifts the Lord has given me for granted.”

Keep an eye out for Kendal at the upcoming games as she lives her dream and supports our team.

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