Date Party Costumes: Class-Less to Class Act

It’s around that time again for Date Parties. There is always a theme, such as “Nautical Nonsense be something you wish” or “Halloween in Spring.” But with these fun events, there is a code of conduct to be followed. Costumes and dressing up is fun, but being embarrassing and attracting unwanted attention is not. Follow these easy tips for what to wear.
1.  Undergarments should never be showing. Never. It is common knowledge that showing such items is class-less.
2.  Be careful of length. Short skirts and dresses look great standing still, but do not stay that way. Just to be safe, wear shorts under that cute mini skirt.
3. Use Good Will or the local thrift store. Chances are the costume will never be worn again so don’t spend a fortune.

4. Be creative. For a nautical theme, try an anchor and a ship rather than wearing a PFG and calling it good. Memories will be better looking back if costumes differ from the same old, same old.
5. Go all out. Date parties are an excuse to dress up and be a kid because even college kids need a break sometimes.
6. Wear appropriate shoes. Spill-proof, comfortable, dance worthy. It would be wise to deem a pair of shoes “date party shoes” for most occasions.
7. Unlike what is believed in “Mean Girls,” costume events are not an excuse to be slutty. Always choose outfits that would not turn a potential employer away.
Along with these costume tips, conduct is important as well. Someone is always watching and someone will always be judging. Remember that and never be the girl that everyone is talking about, unless it’s because the costume is truly that good. Dress and behave like a Class Act. Always.
No matter what, don’t be this girl!