Why You Need A "Mom" In The Friend Group As Told By The "Child"

I owe my life to my many moms. Of course there’s my birth mother who literally gave me life. There’s also all of my friends’ moms who have treated me like their own daughter. Then there’s the friends I have who are basically a mother in a college kid’s body. She may not be my “real” mom, but she’s still my mom’s favorite friend. She keeps me alive and always seems to have her life together. So here’s why everyone needs the mom friend as told by someone who is more like a child than a responsible adult.


  1. If you live together, you bet that your home is cleaner than it would be due to her expert cleaning


  1. She knows basic life skills like what medicine to take if you’re sick, how to cook pasta and how to get a stain out of a T-shirt.

  1. She’s usually sober after your crazy night out and makes sure you and all your friends get home safe because she’s just cool like that

  1. She acts as a mediator when you and someone else are fighting

  1. She always has advil, band aids, cotton balls and any other random necessities on hand.
  2. She always sends you a “You alive?” text when you meet up with a guy or she just hasn’t seen you all day.
  3. She stops you from doing things that are bad for your physical or emotional health.

  1. When you do the stupid thing she usually forgives you but only after scolding you.

  1. She will social media stalk and judge anyone you even think about dating to make sure he seems safe and normal.

  1. And she usually talks to them to let them know that she means business

  1.  She’s always willing to look at your resume or cover letter to help you get that internship interview.
  2. She gives you the best no bullshit advice.

  1. She’s great in emergency situations

15. She makes sure you do things that are good for you, like exercise and eat veggies.

16. She listens to you complain about people who you don’t like and tells you to be the bigger person but you know she hates them too.

17. Basically she’s the person who always has your back.

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