What It's Like Living With Your Parents In College

Growing up in a university town and living with your parents for all, or at least some, of college was not that unusual. Most of my friends ended up staying at home for college, but I initially chose to go out of town. I lived by myself for a semester before moving back in with my parents. When I transferred to the university, my mom began teaching there as well (shout out to tuition waivers). Although I loved my independence, moving back in with my parents has been an interesting experience for sure. Here a few reasons why:

1. Homemade food 

Not having to go to the grocery store by myself or eat fast food is one of the best things about living with your parents in college. I know people who survive off Wendy’s 4 for 4s, and I’m super thankful that’s not me. It’s one less thing I have to worry about.

2. Not paying rent

Do I even need to explain this? Saving money on rent might be the biggest benefit of all.

3. Doesn't "feel" like college

While my parents treat me like an adult for the most part, it can sometimes feel like extended high school and can be weird navigating what it means to be an adult while still living at home.

4. Staying in town for weekends/breaks

Living with your parents in the same town during college means not knowing what it feels like to “go home” on the weekends or for winter break… because you do that every day.

5. Not going out as much

Living off campus makes this extra challenging. I’m pretty sure no one wants their parents seeing them after spending a night on Court Street. However, it’s nice when you do venture out because your friends treat it like a special occasion.  

6. Seeing your pets everyday

Saying goodbye to your pets is the worst feeling. Getting to pet my puppy every day is EASILY the best thing about still living with my parents.

Although sometimes I feel like I don’t get enough of the typical college experience, I’m thankful to have this unique experience (and to hang out with my dog).

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