‘Twas the Month Before Move-In and All Through the House All the Problems Were Missing till My Roommate Moved Out

It’s a month before my roommates and I transition from the two years of dorm life into our first house together. Everything seemed put together. The first payment was due in a week. Then, a week before we are each expected to write a several thousand dollar check for the first payment my one roommate told me she’s moving out. Actually, moving out is the wrong term. She told me she’s actually transferring.

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It’s bad enough to feel pressured into living with someone, but the pressure of needing to find someone in such a short amount of time is unsettling. The first thought in my head was that she was kidding. Then, I realized she was being dead serious. No offense, but trying to find a random college student that can vibe with four other people is a petrifying thought.

The next thing I thought about is how are we going learn to trust the new roommate if it is a rando and not someone we already know… the truth is we can’t. Then, just to add good measures to my stress level I found out the girl interested in our empty spot will only be here in the fall. This meaning we still would need to find a new person for spring and possibly summer.

It’s fine. I’m fine. It’s casual…

  • Why did you not tell us earlier?
  • Who are we supposed to find?
  • This new person better not be like a first appearance Lola from Zoey 101.

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But I tried to stay collective and cool. For once in my life, I bit my tongue and I’m trying to find any normal, level-headed roommate this late in the game. Will I have any luck? Well, we can always hope.

Oh and to make it better, I found out the next day that I might not be able to live in my house anyways. I have three weeks worth of laundry overflowing, my only meal left in my room is some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Ramen Noodles. I haven’t slept more than a nap’s worth of time, and did I mention I barely had time to shower this week? But again, I wouldn’t expect anything else from my life. At least I have some entertaining stories from my college years, right?


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