Beauty And The Beast Review

Emma Watson stars as the beautiful Belle in Beauty and The Beast. If this didn’t catch your attention, I don’t know what would. Watson has the looks and charm to steal the show and that she did.

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I was always a pretty big Disney fan as a kid… I grew up playing with the princess dolls, watching all the movies and taking trips to the mall just to visit the Disney store. I wouldn’t say that I was the biggest princess fan, but I still appreciated them. Although my favorite was always Cinderella, because she was blue of course, after Beauty and The Beast I’d have to say Belle is up there.

I hate to admit it, but even after the first song of the movie I was covered in chills and singing along to every word. By the end of the movie, I was wiping my tears with my sleeves and wondering how the movie came to an end so quickly. Also, I downloaded the soundtrack on Spotify as soon as I get home. 

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The Beast was meant to look scary and ugly, right? I didn’t agree one bit. I could totally understand why Belle fell in love with both his wits and looks. Those bright blues were enough to do it for me. Along with the way he treated her (I mean, after he decided she wasn’t just a prisoner).

Seeing Beauty & The Beast after all these years just made me realize that that magical Disney sparkle will never truly go away. Sure, you might forget about it from time to time, but once a Disney lover, always a Disney lover. I am determined to make a trip to Disneyworld as soon as possible, and more importantly… I am determined to watch every princess movie, sing along to “Be My Guest,” and relive my childhood all over again. 

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