5 Quotes to Help You Get Through Finals

As finals approach and you get closer to realizing the amount of stress you will be under for the upcoming weeks, it can be hard to remain positive. Studying for long hours in the day while dreaming about going home for Christmas may not leave you in a very optimistic mood, to say the least. But, one of the most important things you must do during a time of stress is remain positive. More than likely, everyone else around you is already freaking out. And we all know that energy transfers from one person to the next, so why not be different and transfer positive energy rather than the typical tears and questioning of dropping out. 

Hopefully these 5 quotes help you to maintain positive during finals week without completely falling apart. 


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When you want something, you must be willing to go the distance to achieve it. You’ve probably all heard the saying that nothing worth it comes easy. These exams that you’re taking are your sacrifice for reaching your own personal dream or milestone. Think about that job or internship you want at CNN or Microsoft. You can’t get there without working. The exams then are the speedbumps you must face to have smoother driving in the future. If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, then what you want will become the sacrifice. 


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No matter how tired you become these next few weeks and how many tears you shed (although, I would recommend trying to control your crying sessions to keep some sanity), you must not give up. You’ve come too far to throw it all away because of mental excuses. The struggle just makes the journey feel even more worth it. Besides, quitters can never win.   


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One of the most common things people tend to struggle with during finals week in particular is accepting the notion that because you are not perfect, you will not receive a perfect GPA. Rather than trying to study to remember everything verbatim, study to remember the information. Research shows that rewording information helps you to process and retain it better. Don’t strive to be perfect, strive to improve.  


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This is a statement to keep you woke in your time of struggle. Many people in your position right now have chosen to give up because they felt as though it was too much pressure. However, as one of the earlier quotes proved, quitting at this time is not an option. All the successful people you admire right now all have crazy stories about the things they had to go through in order to get where they are now. Don’t just memorize their stories, create your own. Be that one person who goes the extra mile to become successful.   


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Literally, this quote is perfect for finals week. It’s easy to become bored with studying and tired in general, causing you to have a blinking contest with your clock. But the sad fact is, looking at it for eternity wont guarantee anything more than wasted time. It can even cause anxiety, as you begin to become more conscious of the fast approaching end of the semester and your seemingly lack of retained information. Rather than spending time thinking of all that, focus on the clock figuratively and keep moving along with it. Don’t let time hold you back.   

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