13 Reasons Why You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why

I was skeptical about this show. As a huge book nerd, movie and television adaptations always seem to pale in comparison to the book. However, while “13 Reasons Why” may not have 100% stuck to the book, the show brought the story to life and watching it on a screen caused the messages to hit closer to home. It’s one of those shows that I feel like everyone should watch because it has messages that are relevant in today’s society. So here are thirteen reasons why you should binge watch Thirteen Reasons Why.

1. It brings up issues that many teens and college kids face.

This show talks about some of the harsh realities of high school and growing up. It talks about bullying, sexual assault, depression and the struggle to fit in and find your place. 

2. The soundtrack is amazing.

3. It sticks pretty well to the book.

All book lovers out there know how frustrating it is when a great book is turned into a shitty movie or show. Although there are some added scenes and story lines in the show, it does the book justice. 

4. It brings the characters to life.

You get to know their background story. Instead of focusing solely on their bad qualities, you also see their good traits and what makes them the way that they are.  Not only do you hear Hannah’s story, but you also have a chance to hear the others. 

5. This show has made people talk about suicide.It doesn’t romanticize suicide or depression. It’s real and it will make you feel something. 

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in people ages 10-24. In grades 7-12, there are more than 5,240 suicide attempts a day in the United States so it’s time we talk about the warning signs more. 

6. It shows you the damage you can do by saying mean words and spreading rumors.

Throughout this show you hear multiple people say that Hannah didn’t go through anything that every other girl didn’t go through. It shows that some things that people may not think are a big deal could lead to something catastrophic. Little things add up over time.

7. It shows you just how much kind words and actions can mean to someone.

8. Not only does it bring up suicide, but it also brings up a variety of other problems.

Sexual assault is a heavy topic in the show especially how victims are affected and the blame that society places on them.

9. It is raw.

It doesn’t romanticize suicide or depression. It’s real and it will make you feel something. 

10. It will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Each episode will leave you wanting to click onto the next. There are cliffhangers and plot twists and just when everything seems so simple you uncover a new truth. 

11. There's romance, but that doesn't become the main focus of the show.

12. The characters are plentiful, diverse and relatable. 

These characters are mothers and athletes and cheerleaders and student council presidents. You watch the show and you can see bits of yourself in every character. 

13. It will make you want to be a little bit kinder.

Small acts of kindness can go a long way. Life is crazy and unpredictable and you never know what someone else is going through so being nice can affect someone more than you may know. 

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