Style Blog: Taking Disco Pants From Day to Night


I’m sure you all have heard of disco pants by now! Yep, those tight, figure hugging trousers Olivia Newton-John wore in Grease - scary! They have been a blogger’s favourite trousers for about the last year, and you either love them or hate them! I was personally not a fan at first, but I tried a pair on and absolutely love them now (and now have various different coloured pairs – oops!). Pretty much every shop on the high street now have their own version of disco pants, originating from the American Apparel brand. I have often gone into American Apparel in Nottingham, and held a pair of these in my hands, but I couldn’t justify the £74 price tag for essentially what I thought were a pair of leggings (despite them being really good quality!).  So imagine my delight when I found some pretty good dupes being sold by Glamorous for £29.99, in a range of different colours. I’m going to show a couple of ways to wear the Charcoal coloured disco pants from Glamorous, and how to take them from a cute daytime outfit to something a little more fancy for a night out!


Day - I paired the disco pants with a cute embellished collar blouse from (a website with some really cheap but amazing clothes!). I think a little bit of sparkle is acceptable for the day time and these gems don’t go too overboard! I really like bowler hats at the moment, they smarten up an outfit but are a nice alternative to wearing fancy earrings or statement necklaces. This one is from Topshop. The shoes I chose are also from Topshop. Ankle strap shoes are absolutely everywhere at the moment, and this pair are on trend with the stud embellishment that looks like it’s going nowhere for at least another season. Also I find flats in the day are a must! Heels are reserved for the evenings only!


Night - I’ve chosen this embellished top from Topshop, it is slightly cropped in length but the disco pants are quite high waisted so there shouldn’t be any tummy skin showing through! The sequins in the middle panel of the top make it a bit more glam for a night out! I have also fallen in love with these shoes from ASOS, again with the ankle strap detail, but I think they look designer with the gold hardware. They’re maybe not the best shoes to wear to Ocean or Crisis, Nottingham girls (think Jagerbombs and body and face paint all over your toes!) but for hitting the bars, I think they’d be perfect! And what is a night out without some falsies, I’ve chosen my favourites Eylure 101 which I swear by, they’re quite natural but do make your eyelashes noticeably fuller!

Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine student at the University of Nottingham. I love all things catty and anything fashion related. I probably shop too much, probably..

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