The Best Ways To Fight Off The Winter Blues

For a lucky few the winter season is their favourite time of year. For the rest of us it can be the toughest. The short days, bitter winds, torrential rain and unflattering amounts of layers are just a few of the things that make us begrudge this gruelling season. However, we can, and we must, fight off the winter blues. Here are a few ideas on how to fight the urge to hibernate and to get the most out of this winter season. 

1.      Keep Exercising

It is all too easy to forget about exercise during the winter months; the last thing we want to do is trek to the gym in gale-force winds. Yet, a short burst of energy will release a bunch of endorphins, making you feel more positive and slapping the winter blues across the face. However, if you really can’t face leaving the house, invest in an exercise DVD and workout in the comfort of your own home. Now is a great time to buy as all the celeb has-beens are releasing their DVDs in time for Christmas. However, we do advise you to shut your curtains as you never know who may be walking past your living room to see you red faced and swinging your arms around like a crazy person.

2.      Get up on Time

I, as much as the next person, know how hard it is to get out of bed in the mornings. This, combined with the short days and freezing temperatures, can mean that getting to your 9am lecture is proving even more difficult than before. Lying in too late will make you feel more tired. By leaving your curtains ajar you may wake up more naturally but of course this is difficult when it is pitch black outside. Lucky for us, some genius, probably with problems waking up in the morning, has designed an alarm clock that is meant to imitate a natural sunrise. They range from £20 to over £100 but it is a great idea for the Christmas list.

(Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock £67.50)

3.      Do not Hibernate

Staying in bed or wrapped up on the sofa can sound ideal but doing nothing can make you feel groggy and down. Getting to the shops, running those errands on campus, taking a short walk around Wollaton Park or visiting a friend can make the world of difference. By all means, reward yourself after a hard day of work with a cup of hot chocolate and trashy television, just don’t make it all day, every day. Making sure you get your Ocean fix or another nightclub of your choice will make the gruelling task of fighting the cold and the winter blues feel a bit more worth it.

4.      Invest in a Great Coat

Like it or not, soon enough you are going to have to wear a coat every time you brave the great outdoors, so make sure it’s a good one. It can be worthwhile shopping around to find one that you will feel great in and will keep you warm. Don’t be afraid to splash out a bit. Looking good every time you need to battle the winter weather will make it so much easier to fight the urge to hibernate. All the high street shops have a great selection. Here are a few :

(From left to right: Topshop £75, Miss Selfridge £85, New Look £49.99)                       

For more ideas on your winter wardrobe head to our Style Blog:

5. Look forward to the holidays

Christmas and New Years are undoubtedly the best parts of the winter season. Christmas lights take advantage of the short days by lighting up as soon as the sun begins to set and can change your mood completely. Shopping for family and friends is a good reason to get out of the house and to lap up some of that Christmas spirit. Organise a house Christmas meal and get merry. It is a great way to end the term on a high and feel positive about the season. Unfortunately the winter carries on after Christmas and New Years, so make sure you have enjoyed yourself enough so that knuckling down for January exams isn’t going to be too difficult. 


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