21 Questions with the Stylish Anna Lei

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Junior Anna Lei's style is as perfect as her GPA. HCND asked a few questions and received hilarious answers as Anna discussed her style inspirations, career aspirations, and greatest ND moment (a definitive meeting with one Father Jenkins). 
Name: Anna Lei
Hometown: San Diego, California
Major: English and Pre-med
Major you wish you chose: Ehh pretty happy with both my majors!
Dorm Allegiance: Pangborn
1. Why do you think you're being interviewed?
Because AnnaLee likes my style? (Heck yes she does.)
2. Who are you?
That’s a loaded question!
3. Favorite Domer dead, alive, or fictional?
President Jenkins because he hung out with me one time I was standing on a bench and eating goldfish.
4. Do you find the moniker "Domer" kind of weird?
It’s definitely reminiscent of the festival freshman year, which was certainly the bad kinda weird.
5. Post-grad plans?
Law school.
6. Highlight of your college career to date?
College has been pretty good to me as of late, so it’s hard to say, but I’ll go with getting published in some literary journals
and magazines, I guess.
7. In 25 years, you will be:
8. What did you think you were going to do freshman year and why?
A doctor because I participated in cancer research at UCSD as a high school student. Yeah, I was that cliché pre-med freshman… and then my cliché love for Fitzgerald pushed me into the English major and here I am now.
9. If you could change one thing about ND what would it be? Don't say parietals
because that's boring.
I think girls should be able to participate in the Bun Run. It is completely chauvinistic that only guys are allowed to participate. Well, I guess
no one is really allowed to participate in the Bun Run because technically it’s illegal, but whatever it happens and I don’t understand why girls are excluded from the mad frolics around campus!
10. Favorite class you've taken?
Ahh I have too many, but I’ll say Professor Goransson’s Advanced Poetry class. He had awesome stories about his landscape buddies in New York and he supported my aspiration to buy a blue wig. We are friends on Facebook now, so if he sees this, hello!
11. Worst?
The word worst is such a pejorative term, and since I’ve had really fantastic professors at Notre Dame, I can’t say there’s a “worst class” for me.
The most challenging class I’ve taken here would definitely have to be Hyde’s Genetics, but my genetics group brought in much sunshine during those dark times with our music video rendition of Fly Like a G6: Fly Like FM6.
12. Bed time?
Usually, around 1 to 2 AM. I am sleep-deprived at school, which is why I walk around like a zombie and look like one too during the semester.
13. Favorite spot on campus?
The lakes during the Fall. I love running around the lakes during that time because I feel like I am in a magical realm of yelloworange
14. Biggest fear?
15. Guilty pleasure?
Shopping, ugh. It’s absolutely horrible that Urban Outfitters is so close to Pangborn.
16. What's your drink?
I’m not sure what this means, but I’ll say orange soda!
17. Who is your mortal enemy?
I wish I actually had a mortal enemy! I’ve always wanted to go up to someone and say: “(Insert Name Here), you are my mortal enemy! I despise you!” How fun would that be?
18. Favorite decorative possession?
My mustache ring! I like mustaches. One time, I wore a mustache to Dr. Creary’s Organic Chemistry 2 class and he thought I was
a Rangers fan. I don’t even know what a “Rangers fan” means, but I told him “No I am a mustache fan.”
19. If you could give one verb of advice for current students what would it be?
One verb? That’s tough. STRIVE.
20. What’s your cause?
To do something of significance in this wild, wild world.
21. What makes someone a Domer?
According to Urban Dictionary: “An extremely large, harsh hit of marijuana which causes you to feel a slightly unpleasant
feeling in your cranium but renders you high as duck” (Profanities are boorish, so I censored that last word for the sake of the ND audience), “a
condom,” or “Student at the great University of Notre Dame.”



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AnnaLee Rice is a senior at the University of Notre Dame with a double major in Economics and Political Science and a minor in PPE. In addition to being the HCND Campus Correspondent, she is editor-in-chief of the undergraduate philosophy research journal, a research assistant for the Varieties of Democracy project, and a campus tour guide.  She believes in democracy and Essie nailpolish but distrusts pumpkin spice lattes because they are gross.