I Tried Blurr and Here's What Happened

I’m all too familiar with the classic college weekend routine: take a few pictures at the pregame, maybe some as I first get to the party, and then, if I can remember to, even more as the night goes on. But what ever happened to all these great pictures my friends all promised they'd send me? I never saw them again. It was time for me to move on from this struggle of missing out on great memories; I tried out the new app Blurr for a night, and this is what I learned:

1. It's easy to use

All I had to do to start Blurring was select my location, and start the Blurr. From there, any pictures taken with Blurr came to my feed while I did not leave the radius that I originally set. The best part of this for any perpetually late person like me is that even pictures from 1 hour before the start time will also populate in the feed.

2. It saves time

Waking up after a night out and clicking through everyone's snapchat stories was getting exhausting for a weekend morning. A great thing about Blurr is that all pictures are in one place, so there's no more sorting through snapchat stories and Facebook feeds to find my pictures. I could save any picture from the Blurr feed to my camera roll, which I’d choose over screenshotting a rando’s snapchat story any day.


3. I connected with even more people

Blurr let me know if I was already Facebook friends with the person who posted each picture by adding a little Facebook symbol to the corner of the picture and having a Facebook friends tab. If there was no symbol, but I recognized the person, it was a great opportunity to connect with new friends!

4. No more begging the group chat to send pictures

If you're anything like my group of friends, we take pictures on all different phones to get the best quality, angle, or photographer possible. It's so hard to keep track of who has which pictures, and then getting everyone to send them. Using Blurr means there is no more stressful searches to chose my Sunday night Insta post; every picture and memory I’d want to keep was waiting for me in the app.

After trying out Blurr this weekend, I’m definitely going to keep using it. See what happens when you try Blurr! Download it at www.blurr.co

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