Best Pop Culture Explanations of the Government Shutdown


On the first day of October we’re usually awoken with the excitement of Halloween month, apple picking season and sweater weather. Yet this year’s October 1st morning, we woke up with a strange feeling that something was off. As we skeptically exited our dorms/apartments, life went on as usual. In fact it was a beautiful, sunny day. Yet the entire country was plagued with a certain uneasiness. That strange sensation was because this October 1st became the first government shutdown since 1995.

Clearly news of the Government Shutdown has been everywhere. However, if you’re still a little confused, don’t worry - it’s normal not to understand why a small faction of the government would sacrifice the well-being of its citizens to make a stance. However, if you are still confused, social media has been quick to help out! In the midst of this national crisis, we can find humor and clarity. Here are the top 6 best pop culture analogies to the government shutdown.


1.     Ferris Bueller Explains the Government Shutdown

Highlight-“He [Ted Cruz] decided that the defunding of Obamacare should be linked to the passage of this typically nonpartisan funding bill.”

Source: Buzzfeed

2.     The Government Shutdown Explained by Clueless

Highlight- “The government will come back when they pass a budget”

Source: Betches Love This

3.      The Government Shutdown is exactly like Mean Girls


Source: Buzzfeed

4.      The Government Shutdown made so simple that even a toddler and her tiara could understand it

Highlight- Both the democrats want Obamacare, the republicans don’t:

Source: E-Online

5.     Your Fave SNL Characters Explain the Looming Government Shutdown

Highlight- “LESS THAN 24 HOURS. Cue panic.”


6.     Colbert Report: "Breaking Gov"

Highlight- “It started out as a highly sympathetic character in the 1770s, but in just 237 seasons it has transformed into an egotistical, self-destructive maniac”

Source: Hulu


Bonus: Funniest Twitter Reactions to Government Shutdown

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