It's Okay Not to Sleep with Your Boyfriend

College is doing what you want, when you want.

You can go to bed when you want, eat what you want, be friends with who you want, go out and get drunk if you want, and take whatever classes you want. The possibilities are endless.

With this freedom, the dream for a lot of students in relationships is being able to sleep (yes, sleep as in catch some z’s) without having to go behind their parents’ backs. But let me tell you, it is not a dream – it’s a nightmare.

Let me tell you why.

I love my boyfriend as much as the next girl, but sleeping together in my dorm room just is not gonna happen for a couple of reasons.

First, the bed is freakin’ tiny y’all! Twin XL’s definitely aren’t extra large. The narrow bed means that both people have to be on their sides in order to comfortably fit. I sleep on my stomach, which leaves my boyfriend squeezed up against the cold, hard wall. Also, when it comes to two people sleeping on their sides who love each other, that usually means spooning. If you can fall asleep while spooning then you are an alien and I don’t trust you. Spooning is great for a nice little cuddle-sesh, but as soon as I’m ready to fall asleep I roll over and get comfortable for myself.

Another issue with sharing the teensie-weensie little beds of ours is that you will inevitably get burning lava hot during the night. You can’t get away from the other person, so all of your body heat is trapped and radiated between you – trust me, this is science. When you wake up at 4 a.m. sweating your butt off and you look over at the “love of your life”, you will definitely begin to question your decision to sleep with them. This isn’t an easy fix either; taking the covers off just turns you into an ice sickle. You’re either forced to burn in hell or freeze in Antarctica – take your pick!

Having a roommate is great, but not if you want your partner to come spend the night. Even if nothing ~freaky~ goes down between the two of you, it’s bound to be a little uncomfortable to sleep in a room with a random person a few feet away. It’s also rude to ask your roommate to find some place else to sleep for the night because that means asking them to sleep on the floor just so you can lay unconscious next to your boyfriend.

All in all, don’t feel bad if you love your s/o but hate sleeping with them, because I’m right there with ya sister.


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