125 Years of Vogue

This September issue of Vogue is a very special one- as it marks the magazine’s 125th anniversary. That’s right- this fashion magazine has been around since 1892 and has ruled the fashion world for over a century.

Of course this calls for a celebration. The special-edition September issue hit newsstands earlier this month, with the one and only Jennifer Lawrence on the cover. After all, there is no more of a perfect human being capable of taking on such a big role than J-Law.

Big celebration issues are something the magazine is good at. In fact, just 5 years ago, they launched their biggest issue celebrating their 120th anniversary. This edition has an iconic cover with Lady Gaga on the front, and weighed 4.5 pounds!

In the past 125 years, 2839 issues have been published! So when people say they have “more issues than Vogue,” let’s hope they are kidding….

Vogue has expanded into an empire as they have 22 international editions, with the 23rd releasing in Poland in 2018. For most of us college-aged girls, we grew up flipping through pages of Teen Vogue, the magazine’s sister publication that launched in 2003.

Times are interesting though for the publications world and many magazines have not been able to keep up in this digital era. While Vogue has modernized and puts a lot of emphasis on their online material, they are still known for their incredible print magazines on fine paper with glossy images. This anniversary makes us think about the future of the magazine and how it will continue to adapt over the next century. Will they still be producing print magazines 100 years from now? We certainly hope so. But one thing is for sure, Vogue will remain in-fashion no matter how the industry moves.

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