McGill Campus Cutie: Jeremy Singer

Hometown: Demarest, New Jersey
Birthday: October 14—same as my Mom, my Aunt Sharon, and my old babysitter Martha!
Year: U2
Major: International Management. It’s basically a triple-minor of International Business, a language (French), and a handful of choices in the Arts Faculty (North American History)
Relationship Status: Whatever the funniest option on Facebook currently is, I’m that
Celeb Crush: It’s always the last female musician that I saw live, I can’t help but fall in love with every talented woman I see on stage. I’m still hung up on the adorable, guitar-smashing Ritzy Bryan, of The Joy Formidable, who I saw at Osheaga last July
Dream Job: Probably the President of the United States, but only the version described in Dan Gutman’s The Kid Who Ran for President
I am worthy of this notable title because: I can’t really think of a good answer for this one. That’s cute, right?
Most people don't know that I: Don’t know the exact placement of the salad fork in a place setting. But I think that’s understandable, I mean it’s not really something that comes up often in conversation
In 5-10 years, I hope to be: Living in a major city somewhere in the world, doing something that’s worthwhile and makes me happy, and still in touch with my best friends
Words to live by: My dad’s book, Six Simple Rules For A Better Life, is about 250 pages worth of great words to live by (plus he mentions me a bunch!)
No-fail song for seduction: It’s a three-way tie between:
1) If You’re Into It – Flight of the Conchords
2) Shake It – Metro Station
3) Sex Planet – R. Kelly
Favourite bar in Montreal: Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun at this dive bar up St. Laurent called Montenegro
Why McGill? It’s a pretty interesting, (and lengthy), tale that dates as far back as Summer 2009, when I had a roommate from Montreal on this program in Paris. But long story short, it’s a great school in a great city. What else could I ask for?
Spirit Animal: That’s an easy one–CatDog