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Cristina is a sophomore and currently involved in many things here at Lehigh. She is in the Global Citizenship club, was an orientation leader, a member of Alpha Phi sorority, and a leader on the Student Senate board. Her father is a captain of the US navy which has allowed Cristina to see many parts of the world, ultimately widening her horizons and allowing her to be open to new ideas and helpful in many situations. With her bubbly personality Cristina creates a lively and welcoming face to new and current students around campus.

Year of Graduation: 2015
Major: Global Studies
Minors: Health, Medicine, and Society & Spanish
Hometown: Coronado, CA & Vienna, VA
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches
Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls, and Touch
Favorite Movie: We Bought a Zoo
Celebrity Crush: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, hands down.

Why did you decide to join Student Senate and are you glad
you did?
My friend (shout out to Alex Stephanou!) from my freshman
hall and I decided to run for Senate super last minute- with no
idea what we were getting ourselves into! Looking back, we never
would have met so many people (both students and faculty) and
gotten so involved if we weren't First-year Constituency Representatives.

What are you looking forward to most this year outside and inside Student Senate?
I was so excited to be appointed this year's Public Relations Committee Chair as a sophomore! My committee is already working on lots of projects (including a new and improved Senate website) to better connect the student body to Senate and to all things going on around campus, whether it be Greek, non-Greek, athletic, academic, club affairs, etc.
Outside of Senate, I'm most looking forward to my Global Citizenship cohort's upcoming trip to Malaysia over winter break!

What is your favorite thing about Lehigh?
The Orientation Program and staff. I think every Lehigh student should apply to be an OL before they graduate- its the most fun and rewarding experience!

Are you in a sorority?
Yes, Alpha Phi!

Do you feel like it is difficult to balance the sorority, school, and student senate?
It’s a constant balance. Every once in a while my involvements are bound to conflict- but knowing that friends and sisters will always understand and support me is what makes everything possible!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Still in a classroom...but as a teacher (:

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