Travel Blog: Fall in love with Madrid

Travel Blog: How to Love Madrid


Have you ever thought about going to Spain?  It’s the third most visited in the world and Madrid is the capital, situated just in the middle of the nation and full of different things to do. So here’s an insiders guide for anyone who is planing a visit and is looking to have fun on a budget.


Let me begin by saying that I cannot be impartial, Madrid is my city and I love it so much! But what I can do is share all my secrets and hope that they’ll help you fall in love with Madrid too!


Take some notes!


Things that you can do for free:



Museums, they’re all free with a student card, except for the Thyssen Bornemisza which is a private modern art collection, that is only free on Mondays. This and the Prado are the most famous and definately worth a visit.



The Madrid Royal palace, the main cathedral “La Almudena” and the royal gardens are not only free, but they’re all in one place, handy right?


3- Picnic at Retiro Park.

If you’re looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy the sunshine, then this is for you! You can sunbathe while you enjoy the jazz Street music, its the perfect bit of greenery inside the city. There’s a palace made of glass, beautiful trees and fountians, so have a stroll around.




4-Egipcean Sunset:

The Temple of Debod is an ancient Egyptian temple that was dismantled and rebuilt in Madrid, Spain. The shrine was originally erected very close to  the Nile and  dedicated to the goddess Isis. In 1960, UNESCO made an international call to save Egipcean historical legacy. As a sign of gratitude for the help provided by Spain the Egyptian state donated the temple of Debod to Spain in 1968.

As you can see in the picture there is no other sunset like this.



Things that you can do with less than 10 euros:


1- Classic bocata de calamares

If you visit Madrid, there is no excuse for not trying one. Let’s say that it’s like going to New York and not trying the bagel. There is a whole world behind this simple sandwich, which can be eaten at any time during the day. The Plaza Mayor is the best place to get the real taste of this manjar.


2- 100 Montaditos:

This Spanish chain has the cheapest prices ever, basically the menu is composed of one hundred of small sandwiches and starters that you can share with friends. On Wednesdays the pint of tinto de verano (Spanish wine) or beer is only 1,5€ and the rest of the menu 1€.



Tipical Spanish breakfast for sundays, some hot chocolate (thicker than the english one) and churros, you can get anywhere in the city, but the most famous place is San Ginés in Arenal street.



4- From Madrid to heaven...

This is a popular saying and you can make it come true. Two panoramic lifts take you 92 metres up to the impressive Faro de Moncloa viewpoint, standing tall over the heart of Madrid. The visit is nothing but extraordinary and the costs is less than 4 euros.



I hope these few tips can help you to make the most from your visit, and encourage you to explore this wonderful city that I am proud to call Home.


¡Buen Viaje!


Author: Silvia Calvo

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Spanish girl living in Leeds and dreaming with Madrid. I study Journalism and Humanities, I am a fashion lover and that is why I'm here.

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