The XY Files – Who Asks Who?

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 Somewhere, somehow, some way our world became fixated on the concept of male dominance in romantic relationships. Ladies, the times are changing, and so is this ancient philosophy.

It’s always the guy asking the girl. Do you want to see a movie? Do you want to go out to dinner? Do you want to be my girlfriend? Do you want to marry me? The answer: if I want something, I’ll ask for it myself. We woman are strong willed and strong minded. We like getting what we want. So why stop when it comes to dating?
I consider myself to be a feminist. I’m all for equal rights and fair treatment, and personally, I think a girl asking a guy out is perfectly okay. I’m sure some people disagree, but our world is changing and the “rules” are changing with it.
“As long as 2 people want to be together, the asking part doesn’t matter,” as one guy told me. And I agree with him. Stop worrying about he said she said. Just say it and move on with your relationship.
Another source explained: “I like women who are forward, it makes my life easier.” Guys appreciate and even like it when girls take the lead. It takes some of the pressure off of them and balances out the relationship. Often times they may be too nervous or unsure of how to ask, and that will only prolong the painful in-between time while you both wait for something to happen. Think about it. If Cinderella never fought to get to the ball, she would have never met Prince Charming.
“Don’t wait. If you want something, go for it.”
Ask away,
Double X

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