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Every year, near the end of October, there is the New York State Field Band Conference (NYSFBC) held in the Syracuse University Carrier Dome. This is when a number of High School Marching Bands and Color Guards compete to win The Governor's Cup (the trophy!!). Not only do they compete, but a few others perform as well. For example, the Syracuse University Marching Band (SUMB), which I am a member of the Color Guard, also performs at the very end of the night.

Anywho, this year, as well as the last two years, a few other LMC students and myself are performing at this event. I'm sure there are a few of you out there that even participated in high school as well! I did! (Shout out to Mohonasen!) 

These championship competitions are so exciting! They start at 8 a.m. and go to about 10:30 p.m. Long day, but it's a day filled with wonderful and exciting shows and performances that include numerous members who have worked extremely hard to get to where they are, and to prepare their show for this day. Hundreds of people come from all over NY to compete, perform, and watch all the participating groups throughout the day!

There are different classes of each school's Marching Band. The classes include Small School 3 (SS3), Small School 2 (SS2), Small School 1 (SS1), Large School 3 (LS3), Large School 2 (LG2), and National.
Each band's show has a different theme or story that it portrays to the audience as well as the judges who score the performances. It's nice to watch all the themes and concepts being portrayed as each band performs.

A little history: The NYSFBC was formed on February 6, 1972 in Sherburne, New York. The purpose of forming the conference was to standardize rules for marching bands as well as provide useful, constructive feedback for bands from a panel of judges. Up until then, there were only a few contests in NYS that bands could enter themselves in for the fall. Each of these contests, though, would have different rules, so the bands would end up changing their show from contest to contest to fit the regulations.
Thank goodness it's all better now!

I'm very excited for this year's Conference, and I can't wait to watch everyone perform! If you're a band geek like me, come, watch, and enjoy! You won't be disappointed!

The 2012 NYSFBC is this Sunday, October 28th, from 8 a.m. to around 10 p.m. in the Dome!!! Come out and show your support as an Alum or for your fellow LMC students who are members of the SUMB!
I hope to see you there!!!

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