Eco-Chic: Non-Toxic Make-up Products


Hey there! I hope that all of you LMC ladies had a great weekend. It’s crazy that
this semester is already almost over! In my last blog I discussed harmful toxins that hide
within our makeup. This week I will be letting all of you know about some non-toxic
makeup that has no harmful effects. These products do not just label
themselves “Healthy” and “Natural”, they actually are! Let’s dive right in.
Coastal Classic Creations: This brand of makeup is completely paraben free!
Their mission statement says that they, “Create cosmetics and personal care products
without ingredients, which are known, or which are suspected of causing harm to the
environment and human health.” Their makeup is made carefully avoiding chemical
irritants, synthetic fragrance, phthalates, alcohol, sulfates, and many more harmful
ingredients. This brand has all that a woman could ask for: foundation, concealers,
blush, eye shadows, eyeliners, mascara, lipsticks, bronzers, and more! You can order any
of their products online so definitely check them out.
Zosimos Botanicals: This makeup line is a woman-owned business, which has
been going strong since 2004. They believe in personal care, as well as social
responsibility. Their handcrafted cosmetics are formulated without parabens, synthetic
chemicals, among many other toxins. It is also recognized as an eco-friendly business by
Green America. Their alternative products to mass-produced cosmetics include: mineral
foundation, primer, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, bronzer, lip-gloss, lipstick, and more.
Look them up online and see if any of their cosmetics interest you.
Maia’s Mineral Galaxy: These products are free of parabens, synthetic
fragrances, artificial colors and flavors, and many more toxic ingredients. Their
cosmetics are made fresh when ordered and they are purely botanicals. They have
absolutely no fillers and their main goal is to give their customers the best quality
products. When ordering their cosmetics online they will deliver them in the shortest
time possible. Maia’s Mineral Galaxy quotes, “You will never have that heavy, oily, or
cakey feeling with our products.” Be sure to see what they’re all about!
I deeply suggest that you ladies switch from mass-produced makeup to non-toxic.
Especially with the mineral makeup that brands such as these have to offer. It improves
the health of your skin and you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals. We
shouldn’t have to be concerned about makeup that can cause damaging long-term effects.
Test some of the brands out and see what non-toxic brand works best for you. Stay green