Celeb Look-A-Like

There so many inspiring and adorn female celebrities out there that we love so much and sometimes wish to be in there shoes. However, not every girl can get their wish of being rich and famous like there celebrity idol. But they can at least be like them for probably a few hours and can be repeated day after day. “How,” you ask? Simple just by follow make up tutorial to get that beautiful look just like your celebrity idol with video tutorial, written instructions and materials used. *You are not subjected to use the exact materials used*

Audrey Hepburn

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUJaqWWMn6E

Materials used: Chanel Mat Lumiere, MAC Studio finish concealer, MAC Brules eye shadow, Too Faced - Pixie perfect palette, e.l.f gel liner, Collection 2000 big fake lash mascara, Revlon false lashes, Shu Uemura H9 Brow pencil, Laura Mercier brow palette – Ash, MAC fresh cream pencil, MAC Matte Bronze, MAC Sublime Culture, Too Faced - Totally nude lipstick, and YSL - lip-gloss, Bourjois Mineral Radiance #4 Beige Medium.


Steps: 1. First, start with the Chanel Mat Lumiere and apply it all over the face

2. Next, use the MAC Studio finish concealer to cover below the eye and a little bit around the nose area.

3. Then use MAC Brules eye shadow and over the eyelids

4. Next, use Too Faced - Pixie perfect White/Ivory eye shadow as a base color and apply to eyelids

5. Afterwards, use the Too Faced - Pixie perfect Tan eye shadow (adjacent to the Ivory eye shadow color) and apply to the crease.

6. Then, apply the Too Faced - Pixie perfect Orange shimmer like color (next to the Ivory eye shadow) and apply a little bit to the crease as well

7. Now, use the e.l.f gel liner starting from the inner corner to the end with a flick. It

8. Use the Shu Uemura H9 Brow pencil for the eye brows to make the shape of Audrey Hepburn brows.

9. Then use Laura Mercier brow palette – Ash and color in the brows to make them bolder. The eye brows are supposed to be a kind of square shaped and extends upward thinning out.

10. Next, Use the MAC fresh cream pencil and apply it to the lower eye lids (water line area)

11. After, use the Collection 2000 big fake lash mascara to the top eye lashes and a little to the lower eyelashes and then add the Revlon false lashes.

12. Use the Chanel Mat Lumiere again but apply to cheeks.

13. Now, apply the MAC Matte Bronze throughout the face. And then apply the Bourjois Mineral Radiance #4 Beige Medium on cheeks.

14. Reapply the eyeliner (or a black eye shadow) on eye lids and on the false lashes

15. Next, use MAC Sublime Culture on lips and then apply Too Faced - Totally nude lipstick over it.

16. Lastly, apply and YSL - lip-gloss to top it all off and now you are Audrey Hepburn!


Marilyn Monroe

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjqKauFrFfI

Materials used: MAC studio tech Foundation, MAC Studio Finish Concealer, Chanel loose Powder, MAC Taupe Blusher, Eye shadow Numeric Proof: Shell, Ivory &Taupe, Eyeliner MAC Fluid line Blacktracks, Eyeko Curly Lash Mascara, Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil Blonde Ash, MAC 20 Corner Lashes, MAC Brick Lip Pencil, Elizabeth Arden Poppy Cream Lipstick 01, and 2ND Cromaline Lip Pencil Basic Red, Lip brush, and Black Eyeliner pencil.

Steps: 1. First, use the Mac studio tech Foundation all over your face.
               2. Then apply the Mac Studio Finish Concealer under the eye area and around the nose. And a tiny bit on the eyelids (mainly the corners)
               3. Use the Chanel loose Powder on cheeks with a contour brush
               4. Next, from the Eye shadow Numeric Proof, use the color “shell” and apply it on the eyelid and under the lower eye lash lid 
                        5 .Next, use Eye shadow Numeric Proof color “Ivory” below the eye brow and over the crease line, as well as, the inner corner of the eyes.
               6. After that use Eye shadow Numeric Proof color “Taupe” in the creases to the outer side.
              7. Now use the black eyeliner (Eyeliner Mac Fluid line Blacktracks). Draw a very fine and thin line and extend outwards making slight “flicks” at the end.
              8. Curl the lashes and then use Eyeko Curly Lash Mascara on the top the lashes and brush over the lower lashes, a little.
              9. Brush the brow first then color it using the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil Blonde Ash and shape the eye brows.
             10. Again use the Chanel loose Powder and lightly brush all over the face.
           11. Now use a little bit of Mac Taupe Blusher on cheeks.
           12. With a black eyeliner pencil, make Marilyn Monroe’s trademark beauty mark close the nose to left side, above the lip line.
           13.- Next, use the MAC Brick Lip Pencil and drawn around the lip line. Use the pencil to color in the liner lips.
           14. Then apply the Elizabeth Arden Poppy Cream Lipstick 01 to lip, basically coloring it in.
           15. After use a lip brush and blend the colors in on lips.
          16. Lastly, put on MAC 20 Corner Lashes mainly on the corner of eye lid and Now you are Marilyn Monroe!


Katy Perry (at the Smurf Premiere)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFa_UdiIBGc

Materials used: Make Up Forever HD Foundation, crème eye shadow base/ eye shadow primer, MAC Vanilla nude tone eye shadow, MAC Shimmer Moss eye shadow, MAC Petina eye shadow, MAC Greensmoke eye shadow, MAC Retrospeck eye shadow, MAC Smolder black eye color pencil, MAC aqua black liquid eye liner, blue color face crème/ blue eye liner, concealer, MAC Show-Off brow gel, MAC Cork eye shadow, stiff angle brush, Ardell’s Demi Luves eyelashes, Mac Well- Dress blush, and Make Up Forever lipstick #413 or Scott Barnes’s Kelly lip gloss.


Steps: 1. First, apply the Make up forever HD foundation to even out your skin tone

2. Start, applying a crème eye shadow base or eye shadow primer to both the top and bottom eye lid. This help make the colored eye shadow that going to be applied to pop or stand out.

3. Next, apply a light nude tone eye shadow (MAC Vanilla) to the top eyelid

4. After, apply the MAC Shimmer Moss eye shadow on the top eyelid. Pat down a lot of this color on the top eyelid

5. Then, use the MAC Patina eye shadow on the crease area.

6. Now use a fluffier brush and brush more MAC Shimmer moss just slightly higher than the crease

7. Using a smaller bullet like shaped brush; apply the MAC Shimmer Moss to the lower lash line, starting from the inner corner to the outer corner. Finish up by lifting the color up and out to meet the top eyelid.

8. Use the MAC Greensmoke eye shadow to apply to the outer corner of your eyes and drag it along the crease area.

9. Next, Slightly use the MAC Retrospeck eye shadow to highlight the inner corner of your eyes.

10. Use a MAC Smolder black eye color pencil and apply it to the lower eyelid (water line area) as well as the top eyelid (water line area). Make sure to get the corners. Also apply to the top lash line.

11. Use black liquid eyeliner (e.g. the MAC aqua black liquid eyeliner) apply to the top eyelid. Thicken the line and extend outward to your ears.

12. This part is your choice of product. Use a blue crème, color pencil eyeliner as long as it is blue and only apply it to the lower eyelid, closed to the lash line.

13. This is optional; apply a little more MAC Shimmer Moss eye shadow below the eyeliner.

14. Curl your lashes and then apply false lashes (e.g. Adrell’s Demi Luves Lashes)

* be sure to clean up any mistakes such as fallen shadow or lashes and apply concealer.

15. Start off with a brow gel (e.g. MAC Show Off brow gel) and apply it to your eye brow, brushing all the hair up.

16. Then over it using eye shadow (e.g. MAC Cork eye shadow) with a stiff angle brush.

17. For the cheeks, use the MAC Well-Dress blush.

18. Lastly, use either a lipstick Make up Forever #413 or a Scott Barnes’s Kelly lip-gloss (peachy colored). And you’re now Katy Perry from the Smurf Premiere!