Breaking Dawn Part 2: A Book-Lover's Perspective


            Alright all you Twilight Saga fans! It's time to talk about the final movie! If you're like me, someone who read all the books and went to see the first movie when it came out...then you we're probably very disappointed. We don't have to be professional movie critics to know that the first movie wasn't the greatest. Anywho, as the next movies came out, each one better than the last, I still was disappointed that I still liked the books better. My goal, when seeing movies that are adapted from books, is to find that the movie is so much better...unfortunately, this happens once in a blue moon, but you get my point. 

            So, last night, I went to one of the opening night showings. I tried to stay optimistic, and I was excited. I went with a few friends, and yes we were those movie geeks that made t-shirts. Don't judge! Anyways, I went in with hopes that, since the book was so detailed in every sentence, that the movie makers, having SO much to work with, would make me happy. 

             I am one of those movie go-ers that looks at the videography and how the scene is shot, etc. Usually, I always have a thought of how graphics and such can be done differently to more pleasing to the audience, but that's just who I am. With this movie in particular, compared to the others, I was pleasantly surprised! I love the opening graphics, they truly were extraordinary and very eye-catching. Plus, there was not one scene where my eyes weren't completely hooked on the screen. I was captured from beginning to end. I barely noticed the audience's Oohs and Aahs during it. That's how GREAT it was. 

             If I had to pick a favorite scene, I would most definitely be the battle scene. The graphics and shots were done magnificently, and the surprise at the end was hilarious! I loved every second of it! Well, maybe not all of the decapitations, but you get the point. 

              I know you probably wanted to know all the juicy details of the movie itself, but I'm not going to get deep into it because I don't want to give anything away! If you're interested, GO SEE IT!!! You won't be disappointed! In my opinion, it's a must see!