The College Guide to Beating Sickness

It's that time of year where sniffling and coughing plague the classrooms and attending a campus of almost
30,000 students doesn't help in trying to avoid those sickies. However, if you do happen to become sickly, there are some ways you can get back on your feet faster.

It's hard enough to get the recommended eight hours of sleep while you're in college, but when you're sick you need that and then some. Sleep helps your body to recover by building your immune system so snooze until you feel rested.

Drink fluids and eat healthy foods
Fluids not only hydrate your body but they flush out the sickness so drink lots of nourishing fluids. Also, eat whole grains and fresh produce. Avoid alcohol, soda and junk food.

Take medicine
Identify your symptoms and make sure you take medicine that will actually treat what you have.

Wash your hands
Most sickness is spread because of our hands. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching other infected hands or germ-infested areas.

If you're feeling up to it, exercise can build up your immune system but too much can tire you and your immune system.

Go to the doctor
If none of the tips above don't help you or you have severe symptoms then you might need professional help. Severe symptoms that need prompt medical attention include: consistent fever or coughing, inability to retain food, chest pain, persistent headache or congestion, painful swallowing or difficulty breathing.