Style ideas for Kean University's Spring 2014 Senior Formal

If you are a lady that likes to dress in comfortable clothes like sweats, jeans, and simple tee shirts, just like me, but does not mind spicing things up for a fancy occasion, then here is an excuse to show off. On May 2, Kean University is having their Senior Formal at the Sheraton Hotel in Parsippany, NJ. The attire for the event is black and white, and in order to help you ladies out, here are some ideas for dresses, jewelery, shoes, and hairstyles that you can wear on this big night.


Rebekah's black dress from “The Originals”

In “The Originals” for episode 3 called “Tangled up in blue” Rebekah Mikaelson wore a goregous strapless black long dress with a black ribbon in the middle of it. This dress is perfect for an elegant occasion and the best thing is that no matter what jewelry piece you add to it, it will still look timeless. It is also easy enough to move around in, especially if you are a major dancer at parties. This dress style is very popular and you can find it pretty much in any store that sells formal clothing for large events.

Lauren Conrad's short black lace dress from her Kohl's collection

Lauren Conrad best known from the MTV television show “The Hills” and also known for her books “Beauty” and the LA Candy Series, has her own collection of clothes at Kohls! Lauren's collection is as glamarous as she is and one of her fashion pieces is this beautiful black lace short length dress. This dress is simple, but fun to wear for a Spring formal.

White lace flirty dress from

If you want something flirty, sexy, and short, with elegance then check out this old fashioned short length white lace dress. This dress is great if you want to have your man shaking in his knees when he sees you.

White and black striped dress from White House Black Market

If you are simple girl that likes to just be in a plain gown that does its job for a certain occasion, then check out this black and white medium length dress from White House Black Market. This dress is wonderful because it is formal, but can also be used for casual events as well. This dress is also ideal if your fashion sense leans more towards rocking roll!


Just about every women's favorite part about dressing up for a nice occasion, is finding jewelry to go with their outfit! Here are some fun ideas that you can try in the earrings category.


Target has a lot of nice jewelery for good prices and one of their elegant jewerly pieces are these pearl earrings. Now of course since it is a black and white attire for the formal, you can't wear pink, but check out how pretty the white and cream pearls are! If you like small earrings then you should definitely try these!

Chandelier earrings

I love chandelier earrings and if you like this style as well, then check out these beautiful silver rhinestone chandelier earrings at Target. They are definitely a show stopper for your Senior Formal!

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