Top 5 Reasons to Get a Job on Campus - Besides Having Spare Cash

I have worked for two and half years at the Juniata College Enrollment Office as a student associate. Originally, I got the job to help me financially, but overall the job has helped me gain much more than just a paycheck.

  1. New opportunities will arise: If you are a hard worker and put in the effort, who knows what doors your on-campus job will open for you. I have had the wonderful privilege of traveling during breaks to help out with different enrollment events. I’ve gotten to travel to New York, Princeton and Bethlehem!
  1. Meeting new people: Sometimes your friend group can be limited to those in your department or in the clubs you are involved with. Whether you are working in the Provost Office, the library or the gym, you will meet someone that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Personally, I have met a lot of wonderful prospective students, student associates and admissions counselors.
  1. Building your resume: Yeah, you may have a stellar grade point average and are a club president. But by working on campus you will have another way to show future employers or prospective internship recruiters that you are driven and focused.
  1. Becoming a well-rounded person: Your job might teach you some skills you wouldn’t have otherwise known. My job in Enrollment has led me to become very comfortable with Microsoft Excel–and that isn’t something that I would have learned in my social work classes! Every little piece of knowledge can help when you are looking for a job or internship.
  1. Responsibility and Independence: We all know that you already have that crazy Juniata work ethic–if you can handle a job along with all of your other responsibilities, you are going to be well prepared for the workloads of the future. Also, an on-campus job allows you the opportunity to be more financially independent. This proves to your folks how responsible you are when you aren’t calling home every other week begging for money to go see the new Hunger Games movie or to head on a late night Sheetz run.

So, what are you waiting for? Go submit some applications! 

I'm a senior at Juniata College studying social work. My passions include sign language, traveling, thrifting, reading, and writing. I blog over at and am getting ready for my professional semester!

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