Get Ready for Spring by Eating the Healthiest Food at JMU

As we are all trying to shape up in time for spring break, the food at JMU makes that very hard to do with the yummy “grilled cheese Thursdays” and the delicious nachos at Dukes. Although those items are hard to pass up, sometimes we need to take a closer look at what we’re actually eating, especially as we become older.
But eating healthy isn’t all that bad! Thanks to the JMU dining services, their website provides nutrition facts for almost everything on campus. Here are some delicious, yet healthy, options for some of our favorite places on campus- all under 550 calories!
Next time you go to Cranberry Farms in Festival, think about getting the Roast Turkey Breast At only 263 calories, this is a much healthier option than the 530 calorie Rotisserie Chicken, for example. Pair this with the Vegetable Medley and Mashed Potatoes and you have a delicious meal for 515 calories. This even includes gravy!  If you’re serious about eating healthier, be sure to steer clear from the Madison Mac and Cheese at ElBows- it is a whopping 1,307 calories!
Market One
Out of all of the delicious choices at Market One, a healthy choice is the Pasta Bowl. Add some chicken to this and you have a meal that is only 419 calories (the calories will vary depending on your choice of dressing)! If salad isn’t your thing, then try the Balsamic Chicken Panini. Also a healthy option, this sandwich is only 420 calories. Try and stay away from the Ziti at Sbarro, though; because at 700 calories, you’re better off trying a healthier option!

Top Dog

If you’re in the mood for Mongolian food, you can have a delicious trio at Mongolian Grill. Try the combination of the Wonton Soup, two Fried Ginger Chicken Dumplings, and White Rice. For all of these items, you are only consuming about 353 calories! What not to eat? A whole Country Fresh Panini at Madison Bread Company is 1082 calories. It is a much better idea to only eat half, or try a whole Tuscan Vegetable Panini for only 290 calories.
P.C. Dukes
Ditch the chicken and beef and try some Portobello. As a healthier alternative at Zoca, Duke’s Mexican cuisine section, try two Portobello soft tacos for only 460 calories. This is a much better choice than the Beef Nachos, which are an alarming 1592 calories! If you’re looking for a citrus kick, try the Mandarin Chicken Salad at Side Pocket for 536 calories.  This tangy yet delicious salad is sure to get you bikini ready in no time!


Whether you’re studying in Carrier Library or trying a Panini in Top Dog, you are bound to have a Starbucks craving kick in. Instead of trying a Grande White Chocolate Mocha for 470 calories, try the Grande Skinny Caramel Macchiato for only 140 calories. You can also try an Apple Bran muffin for 350 calories to go with it.  Now you can have healthy motivation to go study!
Don’t forget to also try other healthy options around campus, like smoothies! There are really great low calorie smoothie options at Freshens located in the University Recreation Center. Try a No Sugar Added Mango Beach smoothie for only 80 calories! There is no better way to end a workout than a healthy drink to go. With all of these healthy choices, you can be sure to change those unhealthy habits and look hot in your bikini this spring break!