No Spring Break Plans? No Problem!

So you and your besties didn’t book that epic spring break trip to Frat Lauderdale, oops, Fort Lauderdale, and with spring break commencing in less than three weeks you all are stressed out trying to make those unforgettable plans. Sound familiar? Well have no fear! They may not be your first choice, but here are six other great spring break options that aren’t that far out of reach!

1. Your Home!
As much as everyone wants that college spring break experience, there really is no place like home. Spring break is also a time to relax and take a break from school, so why not do it at home with home cooked meals, family times and even some old friends.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana
Mardi Gras may officially be over, but it’s always a party down in NOLA. New Orleans is a 13-hour drive from Bloomington and hotels start at $79 per night. Bourbon Street is always full of lively music and an unforgettable nightlife. Plus, you and our friends can always have your own Mardi Gras, it wasn’t THAT long ago!

3. Panama City Beach, Florida
PCB may be your cliché spring break, but it’s something you have to experience at some point during your college career! A 12 hour drive away it is booming with other college students, parties on the beach and a chance to just lay on the hot sand and listen to the Gulf of Mexico.

4. Chicago, Illinois
So Chicago may not be your warm, sunny, coastal, dream spring break, but that doesn’t mean it cant be just as fun as sipping on a drink in the southern heat. It’s baseball season and home of the Chicago Cubs at the historic Wrigley Field. Chicago is only four hours away, and lets face it, everyone has that friend from Chicago who doesn’t mind letting you all crash for the week and getting to show off her fab city!

5. South Padre, Texas
So it may be a 14-hour treacherous drive, but with your best friends you all will make it an unforgettable road trip! With parties on the island sponsored by MTV, Malibu and Coca-Cola and with concerts including Skillrex and DJ Skribble, how can you go wrong?

6. Road trip around the Midwest!
You get to live in the amazing college town of Bloomington Indiana year round and the stress of schools doesn’t allow you to travel to all of the surrounding cities, this is your chance! Travel around with your girls, experience all that the Midwest has to offer and even visit some friends at other schools. Here are some suggestions that are all within an eight-hour drive:

  1. Nashville, Tennessee
  2. Indianapolis, Indiana
  3. St. Louis, Missouri
  4. Louisville, Kentucky
  5. Atlanta, Georgia

In the end, there are almost always package deals that offer flights and hotels no matter how close to Spring Break it might be. Remember, showing your friends what your hometown is like really isn’t all that bad! Safe travels everyone!