Life Lessons Learned From Reality TV

If you think reality shows are garbage, you may need to look at them in a new light. Some reality stars give great advice and teach us important and valuable lessons that will stay with us for the rest of our lives! If you?re a reality show junkie, I?m sure you know these next few phrases by heart. But if not? Watch and learn:

Keeping Up With The Kardashians has offered tons of good advice throughout the seasons. 

You have to ignore the haters:

Learn to appreciate everything that happens in life:

And sometimes, know it's okay to splurge

Jersey Shore may have been pegged as one of the trashiest shows on TV, but I think the reviewers missed some crucial eye opening moments.

 Don't change to make anyone else happy:

Know that not everyone is going to be nice:

And have everything in moderation:

America's Next Top Model was known for the fashion, but its pieces of helpful advice was noteworthy, as well. 
Stay positive: 

And don't make up lame excuses:

Every episode of Project Runway was basically an ABC afterschool special.
Believe in yourself and your dreams:

...No matter how different they may seem to others:

And learn to take your time: 

And finally, The Hills. Lauren Conrad has experienced some of the most iconic life lessons in television history.

Know that there is good in the world:

And that it's okay to let toxic people walk out of your life:

And how could we talk about reality TV without including at least one peice of advice learned from Nicole Richie?

Learn to laugh at everything:

So, you see, reality TV does the exact opposite of rot your brain. Instead, it fills it with knowledge and helpful advice that you can always relate to.


New writer for HerCampus at Illinois State University