Get Your Search on, Bison

As if the tuition increase that took effect just last semester wasn’t enough, the financial struggle for Howard University students continue to heighten even more. Many continuing students face the possibility of not being able to return to Howard University due to financial reasons.


Earlier this semester, a Howard University professor was charged with embezzlement of federal funds. Then, with the release of Howard University 990 2012 tax form, it was discovered that bonuses were distributed to four Howard University employees. This all took place while the institution’s resources remained limited and students had ridiculous outstanding balances and no means to pay them.
Most recently, we learned of the whopping 12% percent tuition increase that will be in effect next semester along with a list of sacrifices President Ribeau composed, which students must take in order to maintain the university’s operating costs.  Even the government has stepped in to help hinder students from furthering their education by lowering the income required for qualification of an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of 0 on your FAFSA. In other words federal aid is now very hard to get.  So what does this all mean for students? Look for grants, low interest loans, and best of all scholarships.
Students are urged to search diligently for scholarships everywhere to keep up with the ever-growing expenses at Howard University. Search for scholarships online, visit your academic advisor and inquire about scholarships, contact small businesses in your hometown and ask if they offer any. There are many other options among those. Also, try to get work-study, if you are eligible. Lastly, be sure to have all outstanding financial aid document turned in to the financial aid office long before May 1st to avoid any issues that may likely arise with the A Building.