Culturafest: A Place Where Cultures Meet

If you are looking for cultural attractions, this one might be of interest to you. This autumn Cultura Fond* together with Adelfa Agency organize museum exhibitions and events for all ages. The festival named Culturafest is the result of a year-long project which included meetings, dialogues and discussions. Culturafest will be held in Helsinki 2-5 November 2017. Besides family programs in the museums there will be different forms of entertainment, such as theatre, cinema and music. All the events presented during the festival reflect one common theme - shared memory, so the festival might interest history lovers as well. HC contacted one of the project workers, Olga Tcinkoburova, to find out more about this project:

HC: Is this the first time Culturafest takes place in Helsinki?

OT: Yes, it's the first time for Culturafest in Helsinki and in Finland. People who are working on the project right now have already big experience in festivals especially in St. Petersburg, but now they've decided to go further. I should mention that the festival will also take place in Vantaa 10-11 and 17-18 of November. And, of course, everyone hopes that this festival is just a beginning for Culturafest in Finland.

HC: What kind of exhibitions and events will be organized during the festival?

OT: During the festival I work in the National Museum of Finland. (Two more museums participate in Culturafest as well: Helsinki City Museum and The Finnish Museum of Photography). We've already planned a special route at the museum's exhibition for children and their families. The route will be in two languages: Russian and Finnish as the festival's purpose is to show how much our countries have in common. Besides, there will be workshops and a reading corner where everyone can find Russian or Finnish books that they like. 

HC: What is your role in organizing this project?

OT: My role in the project is planning the festival's programme with two other students. Also, in the beginning of November we will be at the festival at work to help visitors. 

HC: To whom would you recommend to visit the festival?

OT: In the first place, I'd recommend this festival to Russian or Finnish families with children because it's made for them. But it would be interesting for anyone to visit the museum during the festival, because it is the first experience of this kind for Finnish museums and everyone is curious to see what it will look like.


There is no web-page for this event for the time being, but all the relevant information can be found on Instagram (@culturafest).

*Cultura Fond supports preservation of Russian culture among Russian speaking community in Finland.


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