3 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Fall in Love with Minimalism

The beginning of the school year is like New Year all over again. Maybe this time around there are no resolutions, but there’s clearly a will to be as productive as possible, be on top of lectures, exams or essays, have a social life and, most importantly, stay sane.

A factor that is proven to increase success in these issues is having tidy area in which you can be as productive as possible. More often than not, a cluttered environment is a sign of a cluttered mind! Yet after tidying up time after time, and realizing that weeks (or even days!) later my desk looks just as messy as before, I started to ponder—could the solution be having less things?

This is where minimalism comes into play. This philosophy is not exactly about getting rid of most of your possessions, but rather, ensuring that every object in your life makes you happy and/or fulfils a specific purpose. I have found researching this topic on YouTube to be much more efficient than just reading about it, simply because you can see the end result. These are three channels I have recently discovered that have inspired me to improve this area of my life… maybe for good?

  • Jenny Mustard

Jenny is a Swedish vegan living in Berlin. We mentioned her previously here at Her Campus Helsinki, but we can’t get enough of her! I love her “Becoming Minimalist” series, in which she goes through shopping habits, as well as tidying and cleaning to improve one’s productivity.

On top of it all aesthetic is simply sublime. White, crisp backgrounds and avant-garde furniture are present in most of her videos, and watching her is not only informative, but a feast on the eyes!

  • Lavendaire

Lavendaire is another of those YouTubers whose videos are beautifully made and pleasant to look at. Some of her content focuses around tidying and organizing, but she is also set on helping others make the most of their life, producing content explaining the basics of journaling or meditation, as well as tips on healthy living.

  • Pick Up Limes

My most recent discovery, Pick Up Limes, is a channel that touches on all things lifestyle, including food and meditation, but it has some really good tips for those who are new to this lifestyle. Her calm demeanor and listicle-type videos make for some really engaging and informative content.

Sadia’s videos focus on minimalism and its impact in areas such as tidying, packing and home décor. However, as a bonus, I can’t recommend her vegan videos enough!

Esther is majoring in Media and Communications. She likes reading, vegan food, and spending way too much time on social media.

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