The Ten Best Moments of Harvard/Yale

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10)  When you first wake up in the morning and find every piece of crimson clothing you own (that you most likely have not worn since Harvard/Yale last year).


9)  When you walk into Starbucks at 8am and ask for a hot chocolate and the cashier raises one eyebrow at you.  You smile back innocently.


8)  The very first moment you step foot onto the field where the tailgates are and you see people you have not seen since freshman year.


7)  When all of your friends are yelling and screaming and have school spirit and for two seconds, you pretend that you go to a college that does this every single weekend.


6)  When you hit every tailgate just to get free stuff.


5)  The very first time everyone around you in the stadium starts a rousing round of either “Yale sucks,” “Safety school,” or various other degrading chants for the sake of good fun.


4)  When Harvard scores and everyone starts singing “Ten Thousand Men of Harvard” even though, let’s be honest, we only know 30% of the words.


3)  Storming the field.  It’s scary.  It’s potentially dangerous.  It’s so worth it (just make sure your friend’s boyfriend is there to catch you).


2)  Leaving the field and flocking to the first place you can find something warm/non-alcoholic for the first time all day.


1)  Spending the entire next day uploading pictures, looking at pictures, and changing your profile picture seven times.


1) *** Realizing it all happens again next year!***




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