Start of the Semester Self-Care

Shopping week is long over, the fifth Monday is approaching--classes are truly rolling into rhythm. Unfortunately, that also means that things being to get intense as psets and exams begin to overlap along with other extracurricular activities. It’s easy to get lost amongst the mountains of work, and the buzz of life. You can’t slow down all the way, but it’s always nice to hit the brakes every so often, and do some self-care.


  1. Hang out with friends.

You might not think of this as self care. But it could be. Talking to friends is often just as therapeutic as going to see a therapist, and hanging out with them should be fun and relaxing. Watch an episode of Friends. Play some cards. Just talk. My roommates and friends like to have “Wine and Whine Night.” Pop a bottle of whatever, and just vent about your day.


  1. Exercise.

It doesn’t have to be yoga. You can just go for a walk along the river, or even simply stretch a little. Take a break from sitting, hunched over in front of your laptop. Straighten up your chest and breathe. It’s a small physical action, but it’ll do you a lot of good.


  1. Take a long shower. Or a bubble bath.

Taking the time to just relax and do nothing, or sit around in a tub can be a wonderful way to unwind. With all the hall bathrooms, it might be difficult to take a bath, but a long shower can be immensely helpful as well. Bring some music. Might as well have some rhythm while you shower.


  1. Have a mini-spa night.

    Do your nails. Do your hair. Put on a face mask and lounge around for 20-30 minutes. Or even an hour. Pampering yourself is like investing in yourself--don't be afraid to spend the time. When you feel fresh and ready to work, you'll be far more efficient. 


  1. Do something you love. Cook. Bake. Draw. Write. Dance. It doesn't matter. Take five minutes to sing a song, write a poem that means nothing, or doodle something in the corner of your page. Get your mind off whatever you are doing at the moment, and then go back to it.


  1. Have a dance break.  greys anatomy GIF

Need I say more? Dance out the feelings. Jam it out to your favorite song. If you can’t decide, use “Africa” by Toto.


  1. Drink some water

This is a really simple, and seemingly ridiculous topic, but it's actually very important and often overlooked. A lot of us walk around, not hydrating sufficiently, and that can add to a lot of the discomfort or stress that we're feeling. Take care of your body by being sure to drink about 64 ounces of water a day, varying for physical exercise and other variables.